Blundstone Thermal vs. 550 Boots Comparison

If you are considering a pair of Blundstones for fall or winter, you may have come across the Blundstone Thermal, which are often compared to the 550.

So what is the difference between Blundstone Thermal and 550?

The biggest difference between the Blundstone Thermal and 550 is that the Blundstone Thermal has Thinsulate® insulation and sheepskin footbeds to keep your feet warmer.

That said, there are more than just materials to consider if you want the right pair of boots. In this post, let’s compare the Blundstone Thermal vs. 550.

Blundstone Thermal vs. 550 Comparison

Blundstone Thermal (buy on Amazon):

  • Thinsulate lining
  • Sheepskin footbeds
  • Perfect for fall and winter

Blundstone 550 (buy on Amazon):

  • Leather lining
  • Classic comfort EVA footbeds
  • Perfect for summer and spring

To make this comparison easy and simple, let’s examine the key differences between the Blundstone Thermal and 550 in greater detail.

The Blundstone Thermal series has five models: 566, 584, 1461, 1465, and 1477. However, for this comparison, we will use the Blundstone Thermal 584 because it’s the most popular.

1. Blundstone Thermal has Thinsulate® insulation.

One of the greatest aspects of Blundstones is that they are lined on the inside. However, the 550 is lined with leather, whereas the Blundstone Thermal is lined with Thinsulate®.

Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation used in boots and clothing. The word is a portmanteau of the words thin and insulate, trademarked by 3M.

It is a thin, insulating material made up of fibers measured to be about 15 micrometers in diameter. Polyester fibers that are used in the insulation of winter jackets are not even that thin, making Thinsulate® material lighter and easier to move in.

Though the fibers are so incredibly thin, Thinsulate® is known to provide 1 to 2 times the warmth and insulation that is provided from duck down.

Thanks to the Thinsulate® lining, you can stand on icy puddles, walk through muddy surfaces, or even wear them in the snow without having your feet cold. In fact, you can do so without staining the leather or breaching the leak-proof seal of the Blundstone Thermal.

The one drawback of the Thermal boots, however, is that they’re meant for cold weather, so they can be too warm to wear in moderate temperatures. It’s ideal to wear them in fall and store them away in spring, switching them with something more suitable, like the 550.

Unlike the Blundstone Thermal, the Blundstone 550 is not lined with Thinsulate®. It is, however, fully lined with leather in the heel and forefoot. While they may not be as warm as the Blundstone Thermal, the 550 may be more breathable for warmer weather.

2. Blundstone Thermal has sheepskin footbeds.

Both the Blundstone Thermal and 550 feature removable footbeds which provide adequate arch support. However, while the Blundstone 550 has removable EVA classic comfort footbeds, the Blundstone Thermal has sheepskin footbeds.

Each type of footbed serves a different purpose.

The sheepskin footbeds of Blundstone Thermal.
The classic comfort footbeds of Blundstone 550.

The removable EVA classic comfort footbeds of the Blundstone 550 is equipped with Poron XRD inserts in the heel-strike zone, which provides better shock absorption.

On the other hand, the sheepskin footbeds of the Blundstone Thermal are more supple and soft, providing an extra layer of warmth for your feet.

So, while the Blundstone 550’s footbeds are well-cushioned, the genuine sheepskin fleece footbeds of the Blundstone Thermal provide added protection from the cold.

3. Both Blundstone Thermal and 550 have thermoplastic polyurethane outsoles.

The outsole of both Blundstone Thermal and 550 are made of molded thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU for short, rather than the more typical rubber.

In addition to the solid and durable outsoles, Blundstone’s Shock Protection System (SPS) disperses shock at heel strike and reduces skeletal stress.

According to Blundstone, the SPS in the boots are able to absorb energy from the impact of heel strike that would otherwise be absorbed by your feet, knees, and vertebrae.

In fact, modern tests suggest that by wearing a pair of Blundstones, you can reduce the amount of shock transmitted to the leg at a walking pace by about an average of 33%.

This desirable trait is found on all Blundstone boots, so whether you choose the Thermal or 550, you can enjoy the benefits of less impact on your body.

4. Both Blundstone Thermal and 550 are easy to wear.

Differences aside, both Blundstone Thermal and 550 are some of the easiest boots to wear.

They are slip-on style boots, also known as Chelsea boots, meaning there are no laces that have to be done up every time you need to get out the door.

Boots of this style are typically among the easiest to wear, simply because you can put them on quickly and with much less hassle than laced options.

Instead of laces, both the Blundstone Thermal and 550 are equipped with elastic Gore-tex material on both sides of the ankles. These secure your feet tightly and securely. 

However, these boots do not have a tongue, which means that you have to insert your feet through a narrower ankle opening to get them on. Fortunately, Blundstone has added pull tabs on both the front and back of the opening.

In short, Blundstones are some of the easiest boots to wear, hence their popularity.

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Final verdict


Blundstone Thermal (buy on Amazon):

  • Thinsulate lining
  • Sheepskin footbeds
  • Perfect for fall and winter

Blundstone 550 (buy on Amazon):

  • Leather lining
  • Classic comfort EVA footbeds
  • Perfect for summer and spring

We don’t think it’s fair to pick a winner between the Blundstone Thermal and 550 simply because both boots are excellent and serve two different purposes.

If you want something warm to wear in the winter, then without a doubt, the Blundstone Thermal offers great value considering its price. The boots offer a great job of keeping your feet warm thanks to their Thinsulate® lining and sheepskin footbeds.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more versatile to wear throughout the year, then the Blundstone 550 may be the right pair for the job. The interior leather lining provides a huge amount of comfort for your feet, all the while being breathable too.

And there you have it, the Blundstone Thermal vs. 550 comparisons. We hope that this review of these two Blunnies can help choose the perfect pair for you.