Best Underwear for Outdoor Construction Workers in 2023

As a construction worker, you will sweat a lot, especially in your crotch area. That’s okay. But, what you don’t want is underwear that does not wick moisture, causing chafing and irritation.

Below, we share the best underwear for construction workers that will help you keep your balls cool and dry while feeling comfortable during the day. Let’s get started.

Top 4 Underwear for Construction Workers

If you’re wearing cotton underwear while doing construction work, please stop. You’re doing your balls more harm than good. What you need is a combination of polyester and spandex. Here are the top 4 underwear for outdoor and construction workers:

1. Best Overall: Under Armour Men’s Tech Boxerjock

The best underwear for construction workers is definitely the Under Armour Men’s Tech Boxerjock. It’s made with 92% polyester and 8% imported elastane.

For those who don’t know, elastane, also known as Spandex or Lycra, is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. Combined with polyester, the moisture-wicking abilities of these boxer briefs are simply phenomenal. In fact, most men would agree that these are the best.

Under Armour took their sweat-wicking, “keeps-you-cool technology” and turned it into the best men’s boxers in the game. It feels cool and provides the perfect snug fit that is not too tight.

The combination of materials is insanely soft, yet surprisingly durable. In fact, plenty of construction workers said (in a forum) that their Under Armour boxer briefs last forever. 

One underrated aspect about these undies is that they don’t have any seams running down the back of your legs, as most other performance boxer briefs have. This means they don’t dig into your skin at all. They ride up a tiny bit in the legs but stay put for the most part.

If you want the best underwear for outdoor and construction work, buy yourself several pairs of these Under Armour Boxerjocks. Your balls will be happy because they will always be cool and dry.

2. Runner-Up: Fruit of the Loom Breathable Boxer Briefs

The Fruit of the Loom Men’s Breathable Boxer Briefs is made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex. Each pair features unique, body-mapped breathable mesh panels promoting airflow in key areas.

This underwear also have advanced friction guard seams, which are strategically placed around your inner thigh to avoid irritation and provide you with all-day comfort. An easy-to-use top side fly and contoured body seaming make these undies ideal for the active man.

Here is a review from a customer named Dave (grammar edited for better reading):

The best damn underwear ever! When it comes to sweat I’ve got two things going against me: I’m in construction AND I’m on the younger side of being an old fart. This makes a great combination for sweating.
The Fruit of the Loom underwear in microfiber is nothing short of a miracle! Like a bone dry desert, the microfiber wicks the moisture off your skin keeping you dry. Where it goes, nobody knows.
The fit is like a caring cozy hug that’s comforting and supportive. I purchased a pack of three. I loved them so much I bought two more packs. So if you’re lucky enough to see a guy walking down the street, strutting confidence, it’s probably me, in my Fruit of The Loom!


In one of the men’s forums, several people commented that these Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs are the closest thing to the Duluth Bare Naked boxer briefs (which is great but very expensive).

So, if you are an outdoor or construction worker, get yourself one of these Fruit of the Loom and you will enjoy the quick-drying and moisture-wicking abilities of these amazing boxer briefs.

3. Budget Pick: Hanes Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs

The Hanes Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs are the latest innovation from Hanes. They are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex with targeted mesh zones to make them ultra-breathable. The boxer briefs come in 3 fit types: trunk, boxer brief, and long leg boxer brief.

We’ve found 2 things that make this Hanes boxer briefs perfect for construction work:

First, the X-Temp Technology is designed to adapt to your body temperature to help you stay cool, no matter what your day brings. Second, the Hanes Total Support Pouch has a breathable mesh liner that separates and supports your privates with an anti-chafing comfort that lasts.

The “pouch” is basically an extra piece of fabric that is supposed to create separation for your genitals from your legs. It keeps everything cool and in place. And while it may take some time to get used to, you’ll never go back to wearing regular underwear once you wear the “pouch”.

But the best part about these is the price. A pair of moisture-wicking underwear would usually cost you $18 alone, but for $18 you get 3 pairs of these boxer briefs. 

If you are a construction worker, we recommend buying 5 packs (15 boxer briefs in total) so you can rotate your underwear on a weekly basis (wear 7 per week with 1 boxer brief for spare). That way, you can save both time and money doing laundry.

These Hanes Boxer Briefs offer the best value for their price, hands down.

4. Honorable Mention: PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs

Last but not least, we want to mention the PUMA Performance Boxer Briefs. Its moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry while preventing chafing during the most strenuous activities.

The 360° stretch design stretches in every direction. In simpler terms, it stays put to prevent ride-up. The soft brushed waistband is also tag-free, which means it won’t irritate your skin.

Here is a review from a customer named J.S. (grammar edited for better reading):

So far these have been an amazing pair of boxer briefs. They fit just as expected.
I’m about 190 lb and 6 feet tall. The legs come down about mid-thigh. The waistband is about 1.25 inches wide. They are nice and form-fitting, especially around the legs.
They slide up just a little, but nothing that is bothersome to me.
I really hate legs that slide up on boxers and have been through several brands, these pass my test. The fabric is nice and smooth and soft against my skin.
The fabric breathes well too, so there is not much sweating going on down there. The seams appear strong and overall well made. Time will tell on longevity.
I’ll certainly update this if they begin to break down, tear, or stretch earlier than I would expect them to. Overall, a good pair of shorts at a good price.


The only complaint we have about these PUMA boxer briefs is the materials. Most of the best moisture-wicking underwear is made of at least 90% polyester. These PUMA boxer briefs, however, are made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It’s good but not great.

According to First Source Worldwide, polyester is not only durable and lightweight, but it also dries very quickly making it ideal for underwear for the active men doing construction work.

Best Underwear for Construction Workers Buying Guide

There are two things you need to look for when choosing the best underwear for outdoor and construction work: the material and the fit. Below, we explain each aspect in greater detail.

Moisture-wicking materials

Sweating and moisture in your crotch are inevitable when you are doing outdoor construction work. That is why you need underwear made with moisture-wicking materials.

For long time cotton has been the main choice for men’s underwear.

It works great for daily activities but anytime you plan on working outdoors in the heat, it can cause more grief than good. Cotton tends to absorb and hold onto sweat. Additionally, its relaxed fit is more prone to moving around on your body and riding up your legs.

Moisture-wicking fabrics, on the other hand, are designed to draw moisture away from the body. They are made of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water.

Cotton will absorb 7% of its weight in water, while polyester only has 0.4%.

Polyester is a synthetic material that has become the go-to material for moisture-wicking garments. This material has been specifically designed to move perspiration away from your body.

So, if you’re looking for the best underwear for outdoor and construction work, always go for polyester underwear. They keep you dry even when you’re sweating.

In fact, a combination of polyester and spandex is preferred for activities like exercises and construction work, where you are more concerned with staying dry than staying cool.

Fits just right

As a construction worker, you are always going up ladders, crouching, squatting, bending over, and basically moving around the whole day. Without wearing properly fitted underwear, you would have to go to the bathroom and readjust your underwear About 3 to 4 times a day.

Not to mention, one or both sides of the underwear typically bunches up on your thigh because of “monkeying” all day long. It’s definitely irritating because it can cause a rash or itches.

The perfect underwear for construction work must fit just right. Not too tight and not too loose. Your underwear must be tight enough so it does not move around and cause chafing.

Underwear that’s too loose is not good too because you gotta support the troops. You need just the right size so that your balls don’t dangle and flop around while doing activities.

So, when shopping for underwear, make sure to get the right size. This ensures that whatever you do, your crotch stays cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the whole day.

Final Words

And there you have it, the best underwear for construction workers. The 4 underwear above are perfect for anyone doing outdoor work. Whether you are an electrician, a landscaper, or a construction worker, a moisture-wicking pair of undies will help enjoy your day’s work.

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