Best UGG Boots For Winter (Snow and Ice)

When the cold snow and ice come around, you’ll need the best UGG boots for winter. Consider these footwear options for men, women, and kids, so you can keep your family warm and toasty.

Unlike the classic boots (which are not 100% waterproof), these winter UGG boots are designed to withstand water, snow, and ice, as well as keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

1. UGG Butte Snow Boot (Men)

The UGG Butte Snow Boot is definitely the best UGG boot for winter, especially when dealing with snow and ice. It is packed with cold-weather technology that can handle any condition.

It goes without saying that all else being equal, the taller the boot, the warmer it will be. The UGG Butte Snow Boots have a shaft height of 7.5 inches measured from the arch.

This low-calf height places these UGG Butte boots on the shorter end of the spectrum for a casual pair of winter boots and offers less overall protection from cold and snow than most.

However, the relatively short shaft height makes it easier to get on and off than most. Compared to 12-inch tall boots, donning and removing the Butte boots is a walk in the park.

The waterproof leather and wool lining keep the feet warm and dry. I found that this combination provided ample waterproofing without giving up much breathability.

In terms of traction, these boots are made with exclusive Vibram outsoles that provide superior traction on icy terrain. They really bite onto different surfaces, including snow, ice, dirt, and mud.

Overall, the UGG Butte Snow Boots is a remarkably well-made pair of winter boots. They are made with premium materials that result in a high degree of durability.

After a winter of use, my boots are no worse for the wear: the tread still is sharp and well-defined, all stitching is intact, and I’ve noticed no shedding of the internal wool.

2. UGG Emmett Duck Boot (Men)

Another great winter boot option for men is the UGG Emmett Duck Boot. It combines the flexibility and performance of sneakers with the stability, style, and functionality of hiking boots.

The seam-sealed waterproof leather uppers have a cold-weather rating of -32˚C (or -25.6˚F). I think the boot’s ability to provide solid warmth well below freezing is very impressive.

As far as traction goes, I adore the White Spider Rubber outsoles that feature ice-gripping rubber lugs on the forefoot and heel, enhancing traction on wet and frozen surfaces.

The dynamic support shank provides torsional stability over varied terrain, while the cushioned soles are equipped with special tread to help prevent snow from getting caught underfoot.

These boots come in 5 amazing color options, all of which are perfect to pair with light weatherwear, chinos and a softshell, or jeans and a flannel.

But the icing on the cake, in my opinion, is the price. These are not as expensive as the UGG Butte Snow Boots, yet these boots come with features that are perfect for snow and ice.

Honestly, these boots are top-notch. I can wear them for hours without feeling a bit of discomfort. That in it of itself makes these boots worth buying.

3. UGG Adirondack III (Women)

For women who desire the snowiest of adventures, look no further than the UGG Adirondack III. Out of all the UGG boots for women, this particular model is one of the warmest I’ve tested.

The warmth is mainly due to the leather uppers and full-coverage liners, even underfoot, which are composed of 200-gram (g) insulation woven together with real wool.

Whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or trudging through New York City slush, these waterproof snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry in temperatures as low as -32°C.

My wife wore these boots on a 12-degree Fahrenheit day with over a foot of fresh snow on the ground, and the Adirondack III boots kept her feet on the cold side of comfortable.

With two flattering colors to choose from (Black and Chestnut), you can pair these with your favorite parka and you’ll be ready for the extreme weather during winter. 

Just keep in mind that the fit is slightly narrow in the toe box but roomy in the midfoot. This does allow for thick socks, but you may experience some bunching around the ankle.

I think this is good for keeping your feet warm, as loose boots will let in drafts or snow, and more dead air inside the boots means the more your body will have to work to keep it warm.

4. UGG Unisex Kids Butte Snow (Kids)

If you want the best kids’ UGG boots for winter, consider the Butt Snow Boots for kids. These boots come in three sizes: Toddler (1-4 years), Little Kid (4-8 years), and Big Kid (8-12 years).

Built for the cold, these cozy winter boots can withstand temperatures as low as -20˚c and complements everything your children would wear, from school to ski clothes.

Like the adult version, the Butte Boots for kids combine waterproof construction with soft wool lining, as well as extra insulation to keep the feet warm in spite of the elements.

In terms of traction, these boots are equipped with durable rubber soles to protect your kids from slips and falls as they play around during winter in the cold snow and ice.

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