Best UGG Boots and Slippers For Wide Feet

UGG boots and slippers are known for being narrow. If you have wider feet, don’t worry. Here are the best UGG boots and slippers that fit both men and women perfectly for wide feet.

Best UGG boots for wide feet

Some UGG boots are better for wider feet than other traditional styles. Here are the best UGG boots for wide feet, one model for men and one model for women.

1. UGG Neumel Boot (Men)

If you have wide feet, I would not recommend getting UGG Classic Boots. They’re amazing, but are quite narrow and have small openings. Your wide feet would feel cramped inside the boots.

Instead, go for something with a lower shaft and wider fit, like the UGG Neumel Boots. These aren’t your typical boots (they are Chukka boots), but they accommodate wide feet very well.

Thanks to the lacing system, you can adjust the width manually by tightening or loosening the boots as you wish. As long as you tie them properly, they’ll secure your wide feet perfectly.

These ankle boots are also designed with the stitching coming upwards rather than across the bridge. I find them easier on my instep and a better fit overall for my wider feet.

If you wear half sizes, I recommend buying one size bigger. I got size 12 for an 11.5 size guy. It was a little tight at first, but it got roomier after some time wearing it, so perfect after all.

I adore the 17mm UGGpure wool insoles that keep your feet warm and toasty. Because sheepskin regulates temperature, you don’t need to wear socks to feel comfortable.

There are 20 colors to choose from. Before you wear them, I recommend waterproofing them (to protect them from stains and liquids) as well as giving them enough time to break in.

2. UGG Mini Alpine Boot (Women)

The best UGG boots for women with wide feet are the Mini Alpine Boots because they are slightly wider around the sides than other traditional UGG boot styles. 

Additionally, women with a high instep can benefit from these boots because they are designed to allow extra space over the bridge. The lacing system can widen the space inside the boots.

In terms of comfort, these boots are equipped with wonderfully finished suede uppers and sheepskin lining that help keep your feet warm during the cold seasons.

There are three color options to choose from: Burnt Cedar, Chestnut, and Sand. All three colors are perfect to wear with any outfit because they are made up of neutral colors.

Best UGG slippers for wide feet

Not all slippers are created equal. Here are the best UGG slippers for wide feet. If you have wider feet or really don’t like the feel of more fitted slippers, I’d suggest going up a size.

1. UGG Kenton Slipper (Men)

This style in particular is very nice since it has durable soles that can be worn outdoors. They pretty much just look like shoes, so you can wear them in public if you really want or need to.

In fact, the Kenton Slippers are some of the most comfortable slippers in my opinion. Yes, they do feel a little snug at first, but after a few weeks, the material will stretch and loosen.

I’d advise getting a size larger unless you have narrow feet.

The warm sheepskin lining is a game changer. They provide enough warmth even without socks. Plus, these slippers have good-quality stitching and a beautiful suede finish. 

In terms of sizing, these UGG slippers do not run big. Most of the other UGG slippers and boots run big, but these particular Kenton Slippers are more true to size.

If you do decide on getting these, I recommend ordering your usual size. But if you are a half size, or you have wide feet, then size up, since these Kenton Slippers do not come in half sizes.

2. UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper (Women)

The UGG Fluff Yeah slippers are perfect for moderate-to-chilly weather because the top of your feet are covered, while the tip of your toes are not covered, getting some air.

These slippers are perfect for women with wide feet because they are wider than regular UGG slippers. If you wear half sizes, however, then it’s best to order one size larger.

At first, my wife was skeptical (because many people were saying these are not for wide feet). However, after wearing them for a few weeks, she said these fit like a dream and are so comfy!

These slippers are best worn indoors, but the outsoles are durable (made of a sturdy rubber material) which is good for a quick walk to the bins outside the house.

Many women adore the straps. The elastic straps that fit around the back of the ankles help keep the slippers in place, and the straps make the slippers distinctive in appearance.

The straps are not intrusive on your heels – not too tight and are soft. And the best part is, there are 36 colors to choose from. Whichever color you choose, they’ll go well with any outfit.

3. UGG Cozy Slipper (Women)

Another great option for women with wide feet is the UGG Cozy Slipper. As the name suggests, these slippers are some of the coziest and most comfortable pairs, especially for cold weather.

Equipped with warm sheepskin lining, these slippers will envelop your feet in a pure bliss of “cushiness”. There’s no hassle in wearing them, just slip them on and you’re good to go.

Here’s what a happy customer said about these slippers:

“So soft and comfy! An added bonus is that the sheepskin helps my feet from drying out. No cracked heels. Don’t wear socks with these! Absolutely recommend these.”

– Julie A.

However, these slippers do not come in half sizes. If you have wider feet, consider buying one size larger to accommodate the width. Or, you can wear them barefoot so your feet will fit.

In terms of quality, these slippers are some of the best because they are made in the USA. The outsoles are durable too, thanks to the Treadlite by UGG outsole for additional protection.

They come in 4 color options: Black, Charcoal, Cream, and Samba Red. All of the colors are great, but the Samba Red is unique, in my opinion. The color really pops!

Final words

And there you have it, the best UGG boots and slippers for wide feet. Whichever footwear you decide to buy, I hope you can find comfort and coziness wherever you go.

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