Best UGG Boots For Wide Calves (Men and Women)

Which UGG boots are best for wide calves? For men, the Classic Mini Winter Boot is perfect because the short shaft does not constrict thick calves. For women, the Bailey Bow or Bailey Button is ideal because both have the ability to expand and accommodate big calves.

UGG boots are known for being narrow. Because of this, many people wonder whether they are good for wide calves or not. Find out which models can accommodate thick calves.

Are UGG boots good for wide calves?

UGG boots are suitable for wide calves. If you do have wide calves, however, it is best to go with short-style UGG boots because most of the tall styles would probably constrict your calves.

Styles such as the UGG Bailey Bow or Bailey Button, for example, are perfect for women with thick calves because the boots have the ability to widen due to their laces. 

Additionally, UGG boots that are covered with sheepskin suede tend to stretch and flatten over time. Although they may feel snug at first, the boots will eventually fit better over time.

Although UGG boots are difficult to pull on if you have thick calves, the calf areas are on the generous side. It is, however, best to try on a pair in a store before purchasing online.

You can learn more about the UGG boots sizing guide.

Which UGG boots are good for wide calves?

Shorter UGG boots that have the ability to widen due to their laces, like the Bailey Bow and Bailey Button, are perfect for women with wide calves. These styles are more flexible. 

Alternatively, the Mini Classic Winter Boot is perfect for men with thick calves due to the short shaft (measuring about 5 inches from the arch) that do not constrict the calves.

It is best to measure your calves before your purchase, especially if you have wide calves. Doing so provides you with the best information to choose the best style of UGG boots.

On average, men between 20 and 29 had 15.5-inch calves, while men aged 30 to 39 had 15.6-inch calves. For women between 20 to 29, the average calf size is 14.8 inches.

If you have wide calves (exceeding 15 inches for women and 15.7 inches for men), consider purchasing shorter-style UGG boots that are lower than your calves.

Best UGG boots for wide calves

Now that you’ve measured your calves, it’s time to choose the best UGG boots for wide calves. These are some of the top picks designed for both men and women.

1. UGG Men’s Classic Mini Winter Boot (Men)

If you’re looking for the best UGG boots for wide calves designed for men, then consider the classic mini winter boots. The shaft measures just 5” from the arch, perfect for wide calves.

As one of UGG’s most beloved models, the classic mini features the signature twin-face sheepskin and lightweight, flexible soles. The renowned comfort has made it an icon.

Because of the shorter shaft, these boots are perfect for men with wide calves. They’re relatively easier to put on, and do not constrict the calves as much as other styles.

Just one look at the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see how this particular style is the best for warm feet and thick calves. Here’s what a happy customer had to say about these UGG boots:

“My boyfriend is Puerto Rican, but he comes to Kansas City each December. I bought these shoes a little bigger than his normal shoes. Granted, he has thick ankles and calves, but the larger size fits him perfectly.”

– Chris

If you don’t mind wearing shorter boots, then this pair of UGG boots is for you, especially if you have wide calves. You can wear them barefoot, as the sheepskin lining regulates temperature.

2. UGG Men’s Classic Short Winter Boot (Men)

Another great option for men with wide calves is the classic short winter boot. These UGG boots are nice and comfortable with or without socks. They’ll keep your feet toasty warm.

I like the three color options provided by this model. You can choose between Black, Chestnut, and Chocolate, all of which are perfect to complement any outfit during the cold seasons.

However, please consider the fact that these boots are on the taller side. The shaft measures approximately 8″ from the arch, with a boot opening measuring approximately 14″ around.

These boots are perfect for wide calves but may not be suitable for wide feet. If you do have wide feet, consider reading this article. I’ve included the best UGG boots for you.

Some men couldn’t get their feet inside the boot. Despite choosing the right size, the opening is not big enough for some men to get their foot through – probably a few inches too small.

3. UGG Women’s Bailey II Boot (Women)

Both the UGG Bailey Bow and Bailey Button are perfect for women with wide calves. The short style (measuring up to 7.5 inches from the arch) does not constrict your calves in any way.

Thanks to the lacing system (one using a bow and one with a button), these boots have room to expand and stretch out. This means you can easily put them on despite having wide calves.

Many women love the Bailey Bow and Bailey Button styles because they are very easy to put and off. They look very flattering and adorable with leggings and a comfortable long sweater.

If you do decide to buy these, wear them barefoot as recommended. The real wool fur lining will keep your feet comfortably warm, even during the coldest months of winter.

Final verdict

Now you know which UGG boots are best for wide calves. The shorter styles are better because they don’t constrict your calves. All you have to do now is to give them enough time to break in.

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