Best Socks to Wear With Hey Dude Shoes

What kind of socks look best with Hey Dudes? In this article, I will show you the best socks to wear with Hey Dude shoes, including some fashion tips to look your best and feel comfortable.

Can you wear socks with Hey Dudes?

You can wear socks with Hey Dudes. Although some people prefer going sockless, it is recommended to wear socks with Hey Dudes to protect the shoes and avoid sweaty feet.

What kind of socks look best with Hey Dudes?

No-show socks look best with Hey Dude shoes, whether you’re wearing shorts or long pants. They allow you to look “sockless” while still protecting your shoes and avoiding sweaty feet.

Plain white and black crew socks as well as patterned socks also look great with Hey Dude shoes if you want something unique. You can wear them with shorts or long pants.

4 best socks to wear with Hey Dudes

When it comes to Hey Dudes, there are three main sock options: no-show socks, patterned crew socks, or plain crew socks. Here are the best socks to wear with Hey Dudes:

1. Under Armour Essential Ultra Low Socks (Unisex)

The best socks to wear with Hey Dudes are the essential ultra-low socks from Under Armour because of the rubber piece that keeps them from slipping down.

I think these socks combine the best of both athletic performance and casual wear. They’re not necessarily made for sports, but the socks have elements of activewear mixed in.

Because these Under Armour socks are made of 67% polyester, 30% cotton, and 3% spandex, they feel extremely ultra-thin, with lightweight construction for a “barely there” feel.

Don’t believe me? Just look at all the 5-star reviews written about these socks. These ultra-low socks are the perfect pairing with Hey Dudes because they’re comfortable and invisible.

The sizing is also very convenient: Medium is for men size 4 to 8 and women 6 to 9. Large is for men size 8 to 12 and women 9 to 12. Just make sure you choose the correct size.

2. Wander No-Show Socks (Unisex)

Another great no-show socks option for Hey Dudes is the Wander no-show socks, especially for those who enjoy socks with more cotton in their material (softer than other materials).

Three non-slip silicones are attached to the heel to prevent slipping, while the front mesh of the socks effectively controls the smell and keeps your feet refreshed all day long.

I have had these socks for years, and continue to buy them. They are probably some of my favorite no-show socks because they are breathable, stay in place, and hold up for years.

Plus these socks fit really well, especially with Hey Dudes.

I personally like to wear these socks with my Hey Dude Wally low-top sneakers when I’m wearing shorts. The sockless look is perfect during the warmer summer months.

Because these Wander no-show socks are made of 85% cotton, they breathe extremely well. As a result, my feet do not sweat as much as with other types and brands.

I bought these in April, it’s now November and they are still going strong. I wear a pair nearly every day yet there is no ripping and fading. What more could you ask for?

3. Goodthreads Patterned Socks

If you want something unique and vibrant to spice up your outfit, why not wear these patterned socks from Goodthreads along with your Hey Dude shoes? 

These socks come in many patterns including animals, dots, objects, and stripes. I personally find the animal and space pattern very appealing, especially when I pair them with Hey Dudes.

Patterned socks, in my opinion, go very well with some of the most popular Hey Dude shoes, like the Wally and Wendy, because they are neutral and plain.

Try pairing these patterned socks when you’re wearing a plain tee shirt, plain shorts, and neutral-colored Hey Dude shoes – the socks will then become the highlight!

You can also wear these socks with long pants. Sure, no one can see them, but they provide comfort to your feet and keep foot odor in check when you’re wearing Hey Dudes.

In terms of comfort, the Goodthreads patterned socks are amazing thanks to their combination of 74% cotton, 25% nylon, and 1% spandex. People love them and I think you will too.

4. Hanes Crew Socks

Sometimes, plain crew socks are all you need, especially with simple shoes like Hey Dudes. If you need crew socks, then the best option would be the Hanes Crew Socks.

These socks are made primarily of cotton, but have mesh lining for extra breathability. They also have well-cushioned foot bottoms for additional comfort for long hours.

You can simply choose between black and white – you can’t go wrong with either one.

I’ve worn these socks for 12 hours with my Hey Dudes during an event in Texas. The socks are comfortable and I’ve had no issue wearing them in the hot Texas heat.