4 Best Oofos Dupes (Cheaper Better Alternatives)

So, you’re looking for cheaper Oofos dupes?

I’ve handpicked some of the best options for you. I’m not going to make your life harder by listing countless alternatives just to make my article longer, so here are the best ones.

1. Shevalues Orthopedic Sandals (Unisex)

By far, the best Oofos dupe is the Shevalues Orthopedic Sandals. It’s cheaper but better in terms of quality. I had these come up as a suggestion by surprise when visiting Amazon.

I’ve been a long-term Oofos user for the past few years, but I’ve noticed a decline in quality while the price continues to skyrocket. I suppose we’re all dealing with that these days.

After just 4 months of wearing a new pair of Oofos, my lower back and knees were hurting and I didn’t feel like buying another pair when in the past those flip-flops would last at least a year.

So I decided to try these.

First, one noticeable difference I actually liked was the inside of the sandals. The Oofos sandal is kind of slippery on the inside. In these sandals, my feet don’t slip around at all.

Oofos Sport Sandal (left) Shevalues Orthopedic Sandal (right).

However, the main reason I’ve always loved Oofos was the sort of bouncy, squishy feeling you get walking around in them and sadly, these sandals don’t have that.

That’s not to say that these Shevalues Orthopedic Sandals weren’t comfortable, because they actually feel fine, but Oofos have a thicker sole and more arch support in my opinion.

These are pretty good alternatives for about a third of the price, so I actually recommend these because you could buy 3 and they would last longer than a pair of Oofos recovery sandals.

I know rubber shoes are a thing right now and people are spending exorbitant amounts on pairs of Oofos and Crocs, but these are THE SAME SHOES, if not better, for twenty bucks or so.

This is one of the best Oofos dupes.

2. Reef Ortho-Spring Flip-Flop (Men’s)

In addition to my brand new pair of Shevalues sandals, I also bought a pair of flip-flops from Reef, which I plan to use for days when I go to the beach during summer.

After my only pair of Oofos Sport Sandals was no longer wearable, I shopped online for Oofos dupes and stumbled upon these Reef flip-flops.

I got them to wear around the house as recovery sandals.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I’d like them because of the high arch support. It felt strange and I thought they would remain uncomfortable because of the strong arch pressing into my feet.

I decided to give them a week of breaking-in period. Boy, I am happy I did.

The high arch actually prompts your body to adjust its posture so that you walk more naturally. Of course, because this is a new experience, it feels unnatural at first.

Reef Ortho-Spring Flip-Flop is a great Oofos dupe.

However, by the end of the first week, the flip-flops began to mold to my feet, and I started enjoying the feeling of strong support they gave my body.

Also, my sore knees suddenly started to feel better.

After the first week, I took the flip-flops with me to my orthopedic doctor. I showed him the sandals and asked him if he thought they were helping my knees. He said most likely they were.

I’m not suggesting that everyone with knee problems will have a miracle cure with these Reefs. But I feel confident that you’ll do your feet a favor by wearing them.

According to Reef, These flip-flops aren’t made just for comfort, but the heel cupping has been developed by doctors and athlete performance specialists.

I personally love it when fashion items are sustainable, and I adore the fact that these Reef flip-flops are made with recycled PET webbing straps with vegan leather detail.

And the best part is, they’re not even half the price of the OOriginal Oofos Sport Sandal, making it a cheaper but better alternative to the popular pair of recovery sandals.

3. Skechers Vivacity Flip-Flop (Women’s)

Since I’ve bought a few flip-flops for summer, it’s only fair to get my girlfriend a pair too. After searching for cheaper Oofos dupes, I decided to buy her the Skechers Vivacity Flip Flop.

After a week, I asked my girlfriend what her impression was and she said, “YOGA MAT”. They provide a nice cushioning support and they don’t irritate you between the toes.

I think this is due to Skechers’ Goga max return energy footbed, which is a material that makes the soles of these flip flops sufficiently “spongy” in the best way possible.

In addition to the levels of comfort, I think these flip-flops are a great choice for women because of the color options. The teal color is beautiful, but there are a total of 7 colors to choose from.

All of the colors are stunning in my opinion, and the color isn’t fading one bit either. Even when your feet sweat during an outing on the beach, the material is odor-resistant, which is great.

4. Reef Fanning Flip-Flop (Men’s)

I think the Reef Fanning Flip-Flop deserves an honorable mention as one of Oofos dupes. 

It’s actually Reef’s best-selling flip-flops for men with a bottle opener in the sole of the sandal. They are handcrafted with a comfortable footbed and anatomical arch support.

Wait a minute? A bottle opener? Yes, you read that right.

Each pair of these sandals features a bottle opener in every sole, making sure you’ll never go thirsty again, although I personally would never use my sandals to open a bottle of cold one.

These sandals are, above all other descriptors, COMFORTABLE. There is a break-in period (for me it was tight at the top of the foot after about a week) but they fit like a glove now.

They are far better than a pair of Oofos recovery sandals and far more durable too.

I’ve used a pressure washer on them, soaked them in bleach overnight, and put them through the washer and dryer multiple times, yet I’m still wearing them. 

Over the years since my first pair, I’ve bought all different brands, from cheap to expensive to anything in between, and never had anything close in terms of pure durability.

There’s nothing crazy about the technology of these Reef flip-flops, but I think they’re comfortable and last a long time. They should last well over a year or two. 

I bought these Reef flip-flops at an overpriced beachfront store in Long Beach a few years ago on vacation when I forgot to bring a pair of sandals to the beach.

They lasted well over a year with heavy use, which made me feel less bad about spending so much. Don’t worry, they’re so much cheaper online, especially on Amazon.

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