Best Muck Boots For Summer and Warm Weather 2023

The Muck Boot Company is known for its winter boots, but it also have some of the best summer boots. Here are the best Muck Boots for summer that will keep your feet cool in warm weather.

Top 4 Summer Muck Boots For Warm Weather

Keep cool with breathable Muck Boots on warmer summer days. Lightweight and flexible, the best summer Muck Boots have air mesh lining to keep you comfortable on the trail or in town.

1. Muck Boot Chore Cool Soft Toe

The best Muck boot for summer is definitely the Chore Cool. For someone wearing Muck Boots for the outdoors with steep inclines and rocky ground, the soft toe version is best.

A big reason why these boots are excellent for warm weather is the XpressCool™ lining. It wicks away sweat and evaporates moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry during hot summer days.

In fact, the XpressCool™ lining technology absorbs and spreads the moisture (sweat) out across the boot lining to drier areas of the boot to enhance the evaporative drying rate.

I’ve worn them in temperatures as high as 80-85 °F and temperatures below 20 °F outside in the mornings. These Muck Boots have been comfortable and never unbearably hot.

The supposed comfort range on these boots is between 40-90 °F. And while I haven’t worn them at 90 °F yet, I imagine these Muck Boots would handle the heat just fine.

In terms of sturdiness, these boots have a good tread with plenty of traction.

I’ve worn them hiking to Appalachia and Uncompahgre Peak (Colorado’s 6th tallest mountain). Even trekking on wetlands, these boots survived all kinds of steep, wet, and rough terrain.

The soles are fairly easy to clean the mud off of, and I can stand in about 18” of water and never get my feet wet. I’m sure the treads will eventually wear out, but they have held up better than any other work boots I have ever owned, even expensive pairs that cost over $100.

These have been my favorite work boots thus far. I’ve had these boots for a few months now and I wear them to work (in the woods) every day because of how insanely comfortable they are.

Overall, the Chore Cool is the best summer Muck Boots.

2. Muck Boot Chore Cool Steel Toe

Doing construction or manufacturing work in hot weather is no fun. If your feet need extra protection during summertime, then the steel toe version of the Muck Boot Chore Cool is for you.

Not only are these boots equipped with the highest grade slip resistance, but they have toe and heel reinforcement, giving you the necessary protection you need for any job.

In addition to wearing them myself, I’ve bought a pair for a friend who does roofing and needs steel-toe work boots for extreme temperatures. His work includes using roof tar that needs to be cleaned off the boots frequently after every job.

So far, these steel toe Muck Boots have worked perfectly. They were also cool (even in scorching outdoor temperatures) and stood up to rugged labor. Even the tar cleaned off easily.

I now see why so many seasoned outdoorsmen choose Muck Boots as their go-to footwear. To be honest, I never knew what the fuss was all about until I bought a pair of Muck Boots.

I’ve worn rubber/neoprene boots before and they’re okay for winter, but they’re not easy to walk in across a muddy field because both feet slip around inside the boots.

It’s not the case with these Muck Boots. You can pretty much wear them all year round, even in 85 °F weather. These Muck Boots don’t feel like you’re wearing winter rubber boots.

If you do go for these boots, I would recommend adding insoles if your feet move around inside the boots. Once I added insoles, my Muck Boots now feel as comfortable as lace-up boots.

I have problems with plantar fasciitis, so I used my custom insoles on top of the one it comes with and they are awesome! I feel like I can run up hills with these boots on.

If you’re tired of tearing up your leather boots in the muck and mud, get a pair of the Muck Boot Chore Cool. The steel toe version is a great pair of summer Muck Boots with extra protection.

3. Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid

If you’d like something more casual for warm weather, the Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid is a solid option. Ideal for the city commuter, these boots will keep you comfortable and dry.

Designed with versatility and practicality in mind, these boots are equipped with the Muck XpressCool™ lining that pulls moisture away to help your feet breathe on warmer days.

Additionally, the combination of a lightweight EVA molded midsole and rubber pod EVA outsole ensures that your feet will stay comfortable and supported whatever the weather.

I like wearing these boots if I want to wear something more casual than the typical Muck Boots. With a comfort rating of 40-95 °F, these are a great choice for everyday chores and day trips alike.

These boots are incredibly easy to wear too, just like sneakers. Thanks to the back heel loop and shorter shaft, these Muck Boots are extremely easy to slip on and off. 

If the demands of your workplace aren’t too harsh, go for these Excursion Muck Boots. They’re cool and breathable for the summer and warm weather but keep your feet dry too.

4. Muck Boot Excursion Pro Low Shoe

Not everyone is a big fan of work rubber boots with tall shafts.

If this is you, consider the Excursion Pro Low Shoe. They are slip-on shoes that are waterproof and ideal for outdoor chores, a day at camp, or a ride to the hardware store in the rain.

There are two things that make these Muck Boot shoe ideal for summer.

First, the breathable mesh lining provides enough airflow to your feet. Second, the XpressCool™ lining wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry.

These Muck Boot shoes are just as comfortable as sneakers.

In fact, the cushioned sock liner reduces friction and guards against heat build-up while the lightweight EVA midsole adds support and shock absorption.

I like wearing these Muck Boot shoes around the city during summertime if I know I need water protection for my feet. These shoes don’t cost a fortune, so they’re a good buy.


And there you have it, the best Muck Boots for summer. During warm weather, you need a breathable pair of Muck Boots to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

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