Best Goorin Bros Hats and Trucker Caps (Unisex)

In short: The best Goorin bros hats are the trucker caps from the original “The Farm” collection. You’ll often find these on the heads of popular celebrities and legendary athletes.

You’ve probably seen trucker caps with animal patches on the front. Those are Goorin Bros hats. If you want to get yourself one or two, here are some of the best Goorin Bros hats/caps.

1. The Farm

Without a doubt, the best Goorin Bros hats and caps you can buy is “The Farm” collection, which consists of five of the original animals that launched the signature line. 

The Farm came about in 2003 when Ben Goorin was experimenting with new patch designs for truckers. The five animals are The Swine, The Beaver, The Cock, The Goat, and The Ass.

These five unique animals are the ones that started the global Goorin Bros movement.

If you can get your hands on the original five farm animals, don’t hesitate. These are definitely the OG and they are becoming rare. You can shop The Farm collection right here.

Nowadays, The Farm collection has expanded from the original 5 animals. You’ll find interesting animal patches ranging from The Panther, The Stallion, and The Lone Wolf.

You’ll often find the original trucker caps on the heads of many celebrities, which is a big reason why Goorin Bros hats, especially The Farm collection, are so popular.

Textiles, animals, colors, and playful words will continue to change, but the signature silhouette remains the same. You always know what you are getting, time and time again.

If you want the best Goorin Bros hats, choose The Farm trucker cap. Just choose your animal and color, and you’ll be rocking this famous headwear just like famous Hollywood stars.

2. Acid Trip Collection

One of the most unique Goorin Bros hats is the trucker caps from the Acid Trip collection. Basically, the collection is based on everything that is psychedelic.

The Acid Trip collection is inspired by the psychedelic counterculture that became rooted in the 1960s and the pop culture that would surface in the decades to follow.

Goorin Bros has got you covered, no matter what type of trip you’re looking for. The Acid Trip collection allows you to stand out from the crowd and stand out of your own reality.

Some of your favorite animal patches have been redesigned on a premium mesh trucker cap, using inverted colors and unpredictable schemes that are far from the ordinary.

The Acid Trip has 7 different variations: Black (Cock Trip), Black (Goat Trip), Black (Stallion Trip), White (Donkey Trip), White (Kitty Trip), White (Sheep Trip), and Yellow (Doggy Trip).

You can browse the entire Acid Trip collection right here.

In my opinion, the Acid Trip is one of the most unique collections from the Goorin Bros hats. I personally love both Goat Trip and Kitty Trip due to the pop of bright pink.

3. Glow Cats Collection

Goorin Bros took some of their best-selling patches and gave them a glow-up.

The Glow Cats collection features three familiar, fierce faces (Tiger, Panther, and Lion) freshened up for the dark. They feature glow-in-the-dark fabrics and matching patches.

4. Drip Collection

I think the Drip Collection is one of the best Goorin Bros hats. These trucker caps are neon-soaked pop colors clashed over black trucker caps that will “melt your mind”.

The collection is named “The Drip” because the word itself literally means a drop of liquid, but it can also mean a cool, appealing sense of style. Makes sense to me.

Black (Bbuzzzedd)

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Black (Kaarmaa)

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Black (Rrollling)

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Black (Triiipppy)

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Black (Www.iired)

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Each Goorin Bros trucker cap from The Drip is made of 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex with a terry cloth sweatband, premium mesh, and custom artwork sublimation on the front of the trucker.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear these psyched-out animals that can barely be contained within the construct of their realities and splatter all over the scenery.

5. Kablamo Camo

Continuing the list of the best Goorin Bros hats and caps is the Kablamo Camo. The collection includes four different variations of trucker caps with different camo-inspired colors.

Blue (Luck Stays Down)

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Lime (El Sorro Dorado)

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Pink (Elk Season Dreams)

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Purple (Lil Strange Duck)

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These trucker caps take design elements from traditional forest camouflage and hunting gear, then blast them with some vibrant springtime pop.

I’ve seen celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner wearing camo trucker caps, so I like to incorporate these camouflage-inspired trucker caps into my outfit rotation.

6. Reflective Collection

The Reflective Collection is beloved by many Goorin Bros customers due to its unique design, attention to detail, and overwhelming love and affection that goes into the design.

This hat reminded me of a hat made by Nordica (the one that was made of all reflector material). I was the only person that had it among my friends.

Black (Panther Nights)

Buy Panther Nights from Amazon

Black (Stallion Nights)

Buy Stallion Nights from Amazon

Brown (Lion Nights)

Buy Lion Nights from Amazon

One thing that I like about this trucker cap is the two-fold design. I can be seen at night when I’m riding my electric scooter because of the reflective fabric of the trucker cap.

I always had a deep respect for “The Black Panther Party” between 1966 and 1982. The black panther patch is my favorite as it represents individuality and strong willpower to shine!

7. Metallic Collection

The Goorin Bros Metallic Collection features three trucker caps with three colors electrified by flashy premium mesh. It’s perfect if you want some pizazz into your outfit.

The collection consists of Bluelight (a picture of a Betta fish), Limelight (a picture of Cash Cow), and Multicolored (a picture of a Tiger). Many people love the Cash Cow lime green.

8. Floor Show

Last but not least, one of the best Goorin Bros hats is the Floor Show. This collection has three distinct trucker caps with a star-studded roster of personalities fit to take the stage.

Each trucker cap from the Floor Show collection is equipped with flashy and fabulous fabric. I personally find the Diva Cat funny, but the Llama is cute too.

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