Best Crocs For Walking Long Distances

There’s a common misconception about Crocs. Many podiatrists believe that Crocs are not good for walking long distances because the shoes do not adequately secure the heel.

However, they are talking about classic-style Crocs. There are many styles of Crocs that are designed with better materials and more support to accommodate long hours of walking.

In fact, Crocs wants to break you out of the idea that the only acceptable walking shoes are sneakers. Their collection of comfortable walking shoes includes clogs, sandals, and shoes.

The best Crocs for walking long distances provide you with everything you need, including the superior comfort and adequate support you need to last a full day on your feet.

Whether you’re wearing them as a pair of work shoes, taking a long stroll, or just running errands around town, these Crocs are perfect for walking long hours any day of the week.

1. Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

The best Crocs for walking long distances is definitely the LiteRide Pacer Sneaker. It combines the comfort of Crocs but has the support of normal running shoes, perfect for walking all day.

I initially got them to wear at a trade show, as I knew I would be walking all day for the better part of a week. They did a great job and now I wear them every day for normal use.

Two things that highlight these shoes are their squishiness and ventilation. These shoes are breathable and supportive, which allows me to walk for more than 8 hours with no pain.

“These are such a great fit and with the squishy insoles are very comfortable for long walks. With the holes around the shoe, it gives good ventilation and my feet don’t sweat at all in them. No need for socks. I would highly recommend them as an alternative to a summer walking shoe or trainer/tennis shoe.”

– Morvi

If you dislike the design of Crocs, don’t worry. These shoes look just like normal running shoes but have the comfort level of Crocs sandals. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

This may be a game changer for the “anti-Crocs” people out there. Super comfy and stylish, but most importantly, by far the most comfortable shoes for walking all day for long distances!

2. Crocs On The Clock Clog (Unisex)

Another great option if you’re going to walk for long distances for many hours is the “On The Clock” clog. It is a pair of work shoes with plenty of support and cushion for your feet.

In fact, they’re also great for standing all day!

These Crocs are super comfortable and look good enough to wear with dress clothes or work attire that has to meet the dress code. Oh, by the way, they keep out water, which is great!

They run a tad big but honestly, with thicker socks your feet would fit just fine. I would recommend them if you are planning to walk long hours and long distances.

A friend of mine (who is a nurse) bought these Crocs because they’re skid-free. Little did she know that they would become the best pair of work shoes she has ever owned.

She had a hip replacement on her left hip, and every night she had to go home in pain. After wearing these Crocs, she can go home at night without experiencing any pain.

“I am a medical student and have to spend a lot of time on my feet. These are super comfortable. Also, I can easily wash them if any gross stuff happens.”

– Clara

This particular style is unisex, so the pair fits both men and women. While this style does not have many color options, it is perfect if you work in the restaurant or medical industry.

3. Crocs All-Terrain Clogs (Unisex)

The two Crocs I’ve mentioned so far are both sneaker-style Crocs. If you prefer the clog-style Crocs for walking long distances, then the best option is the Crocs All-Terrain Clogs.

Whether you’re hiking in harsh environments or walking around town, the Crocs All-Terrain Clogs have rugged lug outsoles with enhanced tread for increased traction and support.

I wore these clogs hiking on the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail. I love the ventilation ports that add breathability. They also help shed water and debris quickly, especially when I’m outdoors.

Now I wear them while walking around town all the time now.

The pivoting heel straps provide a more secure fit than most slippers, but these slip-on clogs are still very easy to take on and off, all the while being extremely durable.

I think the All-Terrain Clogs are the best Crocs for walking long distances. While hiking boots are best, the rugged lug outsoles are more than capable of handling the ground beneath your feet.

4. Crocs All-Terrain Sandals (Unisex)

Similar to the All-Terrain Clogs, these sandals are equipped with rugged lug outsoles with enhanced tread for increased traction and support for walking long distances.

While I would not recommend wearing these for hiking, they are perfect for walking long distances for long hours. You would certainly be able to walk further in these than in flip-flops.

I got these for me and my girlfriend to try, and we decided to wear them (with socks) for a day at Disney World in Anaheim. We were able to walk for more than 8 hours without pain in our feet.

Unlike the standard clogs, the sandals are convenient to take on or off. They are also very versatile, in my opinion, because you can pair them with jeans or shorts, with or without socks.

If you prefer the sandal form, get these. The Crocs All-Terrain Sandals have the exact same look and feel as the comfortable All-Terrain Clogs, but come in a relaxed, sandal form.

5. Crocs Santa Cruz (Men)

For men who need to walk long distances, consider the Crocs Santa Cruz. These loafers do not look like the original clog-style Crocs but offer amazing comfort for walking long hours.

In fact, I bought them to wear as slippers, although they are marketed as loafers. Now I wear these every time I need to go to the store or to run errands walking around town.

The textured footbed feels odd at first but does a great job of promoting circulation in my feet and feels completely comfortable. The fabric breathes and these shoes are super lightweight.

The only downside is that these loafers are only available for men. So, if you are a man looking for the best Crocs for walking long distances, look no further and grab a pair of these loafers!

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