5 Cheaper Chaco Sandals Knockoffs (Better Dupes)

Chaco sandals, especially, the Z/Cloud Series, are beloved in the outdoor community because of their adjustable strap system. They’re also quick-drying, durable, and very comfortable.

However, not everyone is a big fan of the price. Last time I checked, a pair of Chaco Z/Cloud sandals cost $100 on the official website –  a hefty amount for a pair of sandals.

Here are some of the best Chaco knockoffs and dupes that are not only cheaper but can also provide a similar level of comfort and function for the outdoors.

I’m not going to make your life harder by listing countless alternatives just to make this article longer, so here are the best 5 options for both men and women.

1. NORTIV 8 Outdoor Walking Sandals (Men’s)

If I had to choose one, the best Chaco alternative has got to be the NORTIV 8 Outdoor Walking Sandals. Hands down, it’s the closest thing you could get to a pair of Chaco sandals.

I’ve been wearing sandals like Chacos most of my adult life, probably from the time I was 18. Recently, my Chaco’s have finally bit the dust after 11 years so it’s time for a new pair.

After a quick search on Amazon, I stumbled upon the NORTIV 8 sandals that I could buy three pairs of for the price of just one pair of Chacos, so I bought a pair immediately.

These remind me very much of the Teva sandals that I’ve worn in the past. If you wear Chacos you probably know that Chaco’s soles are firmer. These remind me more of the Teva soles.

I do think the lightweight EVA-foam midsole adds extra cushioning in all the right places. The nylon shank on each pair also stabilizes and supports your foot on uneven terrain.

I’ve only worn them for a day now but they feel good on my feet.

As far as sizing goes, I think these Nortiv 8 sandals fit true to size. I bought my regular size which is a 12 and the easy hook-and-loop closure fits just right.

When buying Tevas or Chacos, I usually would buy one size smaller.

I probably would wear my Chaco sandals when hiking on wet trails, but for everyday use, these feel every bit as good as my Chaco’s, and the price is definitely worth every single penny.

2. Teva Quick-Drying Sport Sandals (Women’s)

The best Chaco alternative for women is the Teva Quick-Drying Sport Sandals. A pair retails for $55 compared to Chaco sandals ($100), although you could get a cheaper price on Amazon.

I personally have never bought a pair since I’m a man, but I was lucky enough to have a friend who owns two pairs of these Teva universal outdoor sandals for women.

My friend bought two pairs for kayaking and she said these are very comfortable. 

Many women, including my friend, said that the best thing about these sandals is how lightweight they are. She’s even worn them on long walks and hikes while camping.

The base is thick enough to keep your feet removed from tiny pebbles and dirt, while the grippy footbed keeps your foot secure enough that you won’t slip and slide.

Like Chaco sandals, the straps on these Tevas are adjustable and dry quickly, so if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, this pair of Teva sandals are a fantastic option.

However, she told me that these Tevas feel too thin for a more demanding hike. You can wear them on one, but keep in mind that these sandals aren’t built for extreme hikes.

The other thing she warned me about these Teva sandals is that they “run long” so instead of ordering a size 8 she ordered a size 7. They fit perfectly even on her wide feet.

3. Camel Crown Waterproof Hiking Sandals (Men’s)

The Camel Crown waterproof hiking sandals are another great Chaco sandals knockoff that is ideal for hiking through the water as well as rocky rivers and beaches.

Like Chaco, the sides are open so sand and water can flow in and out effortlessly. The sturdy bottom also allows for light hiking, while the breathable fabric allows them to dry fairly quickly.

I have a high arch and sometimes swelling in my ankles. I have purchased 6 different pairs of water sandals and had to return all of them except this one.

The ankle and back adjustment is what makes these sandals a perfect fit. In fact, I’ve worn them without socks just to test if any parts of the sandals would bother me. There were none.

My only complaint about these sandals is the velcro. Chaco sandals are popular for not having velcro, instead relying on a single plastic buckle to secure each sandal on the foot.

The velcro on these Camel Crown sandals wore out after 2.5 years and would no longer secure themselves in the water, so I bought another pair because the rest of the sandals are still fine.

I hope the velcro will hold up well. To be honest, 2.5 years is a long time for a pair of outdoor sandals and shows that this amazing Chaco dupe is one heck of durable footwear.

If you don’t mind the Velcro system, these are excellent Chaco knockoffs.

4. Lancholy Sport Sandals (Women’s)

My girlfriend wanted me to buy her a pair of Chacos but since they were expensive, I got the next best thing here: the Lancholy Sport Sandals, which is a great Chaco dupe.

She bought these sandals for a recent trip to Guatemala where she would be walking a lot, so having a comfortable, breathable shoe is an absolute must.

After the trip, she told me that the sandals were exactly what she hoped for. 

She didn’t expect a firm arch support, or for these to mimic high-end sandals like Chacos, but she wanted something that doesn’t look cheap and for the insoles to be too thin.

They’re made out of real yoga mats. The squishy, comfortable feeling accompanies every step in these lightweight sandals made from the same foam as a yoga mat.

My girlfriend has gone on walks longer than 50 minutes and these sandals remain comfortable the entire walk. They’re also great for doing housework or a casual day around town. 

When it’s really hot outside, having your feet exposed to the air can be a huge help in staying cool, and these sandals are the perfect footwear to provide comfort and breathability.

Considering the price is a fifth of Chaco sandals, these Lancholy sandals are a cheaper yet fantastic Chaco knockoff to help you remain comfortable on longer walks.

As far as goes, the Lancholy sandals fit true to size and are great for those with wide feet.

5. atika Outdoor Hiking Sandals (Men’s)

A cheaper alternative to the Chacos Z/Cloud sandals is the atika sandals.

You can’t beat them for the price. I walked all over Mexico with them on a two-week vacation and they were very comfortable and easy to wear. They are nothing special but do the job.

Would I recommend these are your full-time sandals? No. They are simply not that comfortable and the sole arch support is minimal or outright missing.

That’s not entirely a bad thing, just be aware there is no support. They are basically flat soles like flip-flops while naturally being thicker and having a traction pattern on the bottom.

But you can’t really argue about the value of the price. It’s darn cheap.

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