Best Underwear That Separates Balls (For Men)

Men’s underwear that separates balls, also known as men’s pouch underwear, is like a bra for your balls. The underwear has a “hammock” that cradles your package.

With so many options to choose from, I’ve narrowed it down to three products for you to choose from. These are surefire options that I know any man would like to have.

Top 3 best men’s underwear that separates balls

I’m not going to waste your time summarizing 10 product descriptions. In fact, I’ve done the research for you. All you need to do is choose between 3 amazing ball-separating underwear.

1. Most breathable: Shinesty Ball Hammock® Pouch Cooling Boxers

These Shinesty Ball Hammock Cooling Boxers might be the most comfortable “ball-separating” boxers I’ve ever worn. Seriously. Nothing even comes close in terms of function and quality. 

The highlight of this underwear is definitely the ball hammock pouch, which is made with a breathable mesh that separates the balls from the legs for added support. 

First, the ball pouch does make a notable difference in active use, like long hikes, and even sitting at a desk half the day. The fit is perfect for me and they don’t ride up at all.

Everything feels top-notch. I was skeptical about the ball hammock at first, but it does what it says and keeps the boys from sticking to your thighs without being uncomfortable.

Second, I think the combination of materials is spot on. These are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, which provides the perfect balance between breathability and comfort.

The materials feel cool to the touch and dry 2x faster than most underwear, proactively pulling sweat off of your lower body and keeping everything down below cool and dry.

“I am not going to lie here. I have tried many styles of briefs that include some kind of male separation and support system and these share one of the top spots. The material in particular is very breathable and it really is one of those “feels like it’s hardly there” garments.”

– Christopher B.

That said, the one thing I hate the most about these boxer briefs is that they are expensive. These are some of the best underwear that separates balls but they’ll cost you money.

I can’t imagine myself replacing my entire stock of boxers with these for everyday use, but I could consider having a pair or two for specialty use, like hiking or running.

A pair costs $40 so you’ll need to invest about $400 just to stock up on 10 pairs of these ball-separating boxer briefs. Instead, buy one or two for special occasions.

However, if money is no object to you, I’d definitely recommend stocking up on these Shinesty Ball Hammock Cooling Boxers. They cradle your balls in all the right places.

Oh, I forgot to mention. They come in 6 different color variations. I personally like the black with the women’s hands illustration cradling your balls. Such a quirky design.

2. Best dual pouch: DAVID ARCHY Men’s Dual Pouch Underwear

Men’s underwear that separates balls comes in two types: the ball hammock and the dual pouch. These underwear are considered the latter.

Instead of one single pouch that holds your entire package, these underwear have a front pouch where your pecker is placed and another mesh/net area for your balls.

When I found out about DAVID ARCHY, I read some reviews, laughed at the funny one, and decided to buy a 4-pack for the price of one expensive pair of underwear.

“This underwear keeps your package in place. It’s like a VERY comfortable jockstrap! The fabric is very soft which makes it like wearing nothing. This underwear also keeps my junk, my trunk…everything, dry.”

– R. A. Baker, Amazon customer

The first day I wore these dual pouch underwear, it felt strange.

Not only did the dual pouch feel funny, but sticking your wiener through a hole was just odd. I tried it without using the hole in the separate pouch but ultimately went back to the design.

On the third day, I played golf in these undies. I usually have to adjust my junk every third hole, which is annoying. Then, when I was on the 9th hole, it hit me…

I am wearing new underwear. I never felt or thought about it once. That says it all.

3. Affordable option: Hanes Total Support Pouch Men’s Boxer Briefs

The Shinesty underwear with their ball hammocks is great, but for $30 a pair, they’re quite expensive. These work just as great, but are much cheaper ($18 for 3 pairs).

The pouch. Say no more. These underwear have a pouch that one places their junk into that holds it neatly and predictably. No more junk down one leg or the other. A definite life improver.

In fact, the Fast Company went as far as to say these Hanes underwear are like “a bra for your balls” and I can tell you firsthand that they’re right. They cradle your balls like nothing else. 

In terms of materials, the X-Temp Technology is great. They are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex. There are also Spandex layers with perforated bits for ventilation.

The Comfort Flex waistband also keeps these ball-separating underwear from pinching and binding. But that is not as important as the junk pouch. The junk pouch is the revolution.

“These are my husband’s favorite underwear now. He doesn’t want to wear any other kind anymore. I had looked at others made with a similar design but they were far too pricey. These are even better because they are so breathable and you get 3 pairs for near the same price of one pair of the others. We will be loyal customers for life.”

– Tina, Amazon customer

These underwears that separate balls seem to be marketed towards athletic pursuits, but there is a large market of old dudes with saggy bits that would benefit greatly from the junk pouch.

Thank you Hanes for mass-producing these. In fact, I think these Hanes “ball-separating” underwear are SO GOOD, I expect them to out-compete all other male undies in the future.

Why do you need underwear that separates balls?

Most men don’t know what they need when it comes to underwear. The concept of ball separation is new for a lot of men. However, a ball pouch has plenty of benefits.

1. Prevent low-hanging fruits

As men grow older, their scrotum might lose elasticity as the collagen in their skin breaks down. Regular boxer briefs are great but all they really do is mash them between your legs.

Underwear that separates balls via a pouch is designed to take your low-hanging fruits and hold them up for you. As you go about your day, your balls are properly supported every time.

2. No more riding up

Since your package is properly supported and separated from your legs, your underwear can no longer ride up. Gone are the days when you had to adjust your underwear every 10 minutes.

3. A bra for your balls

Men and women have similar problems. They just occur in different parts of our bodies.

Women put a bra on which helps keep their breasts supported and safe. Men also need support for their balls, except most of us don’t do anything to solve the problem.

A well-made pair of men’s pouch underwear do the same thing that a bra does by pulling your package out from between your legs and situating you up and forward.

Seriously, once you try them you’ll never go back.

Final verdict

And there you have it, the best underwear that separates balls.

If you’ve never worn ball hammock underwear before, I recommend buying these affordable options from Hanes and these dual pouch underwear from DAVID ARCHY.

One is the regular ball hammock design and the other is a dual pouch design. I recommend you try both versions to see which one you like better. Then, stock up on underwear.

If you like the regular ball hammock, then the best is the Shinesty underwear. Although they are very expensive, I believe they are the best ball-separating underwear money can buy.

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