Are Sperry Boat Shoes Business Casual?

As the name suggests, Sperry boat shoes were originally designed to be worn by sailors as a response to the challenges faced by slippery decks on the roaring seas.

Fast forward to the present day and boat shoes evolved into a stylish footwear choice worn across the globe. However, are Sperry boat shoes and loafers business casual?

Are Sperry shoes business casual?

Sperry’s shoes are considered business casual. Their selection of iconic boat shoes is ideal for adding a stylish touch to workwear without looking too corporate.

The incredible versatility of boat shoes like Sperry’s makes them ideal for casual or smart-casual spring and summer events. They also keep your feet cool in the warmer months.

In fact, one of the biggest fashion marketplaces in the world, Nordstrom, considers Sperry as business casual shoes. The products are categorized under “business casual”.

You can definitely wear Sperry boat shoes and loafers for outdoor corporate events, garden parties, and dinner with colleagues. As boat shoes were made for maritime activities, it’s okay to get them wet. However, it is best to keep them away from large amounts of water.

If you love a leisurely stroll while looking professional, then Sperry boat shoes are a great way to keep comfortable and still look smart – so there’s no compromise on style.

Can you wear Sperry’s to work?

You can wear Sperry shoes to the office. As long as you work in a business casual environment, boat shoes are more than appropriate. They add style to your outfit without going overboard.

There is wide latitude in what’s acceptable. Leather Oxfords are a handsome option that falls into the extreme “business” spectrum of business casual. On the other hand, flip-flops and Crocs are something you don’t want to wear to the office unless they are permitted.

Though sandals, flip-flops, and sneakers are too laid-back for business casual wardrobes, and open-toed shoes aren’t recommended, comfortable footwear isn’t entirely out of the question.

Boat shoes and loafers, like the ones from Sperry’s, fall somewhere in the middle. They provide comfort while adding the necessary touch of formal style to your outfit.

Business casual Sperry shoes to consider

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of footwear to complete your business casual attire, here are 3 Sperry boat shoes and loafers that “look great and feel great” to consider:

Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

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Sperry Wave Driver Venetian Loafer

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Sperry Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

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Sperry Topsiders are an excellent choice for business casual attire. Not only do they look great, but they always fit my feet very well. These shoes are always true to size.

The soft leather conforms to the contours of my feet much better than the cheaper options. I have no doubt that these shoes will break in with a little wear due to the softness of the leather.

When in doubt, ask your boss

Generally, business casual is an outfit that does not include jeans but is not as formal as wearing a full suit. However, business casual can mean different things to different people. 

As you can imagine, this leaves a lot to interpretation. 

It is easiest to think of business casual as being on a spectrum. 

On one end, you have a more formal approach to business casual. Think blazer paired with well-tailored pants, or a button-down shirt and cardigan with low-profile shoes.

On the other extreme end of the spectrum, you have the more casual approach to business casual. Think polo shirts paired with corduroys with loafers.

Both are generally considered business casual outfits, but it all comes down to what is acceptable at your office. Some workplaces allow polo shirts while some don’t.

The most important thing is to know which part of the spectrum your workplace falls into. When in doubt, you should always ask your boss about what is permitted at the office.

However, you should err on the side of formality when you’re in doubt. There’s nothing worse than feeling underdressed compared to all of your coworkers at the office. 

Key takeaways

Now you know whether Sperry boat shoes and loafers are business casual or not. As long as you’re wearing reasonably nice clothes that aren’t ripped, dirty, or excessively wrinkled, your attire will probably fall within what’s currently considered the norm for business casual wear. 

However, if you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons, play it safe and err on the conservative side. Otherwise, ask the person who hired you what is acceptable.

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