Are Hey Dudes Business Casual? (Explained)

In short: Hey Dude shoes are considered business casual. Two of the brand’s most popular shoes, Wally and Wendy, are breathable sneakers that are acceptable to wear at the office.

Hey Dude shoes were first introduced in the summer of 2008, by two Italian footwear experts Alessandro and Dario. Wally and Wendy are two of the most popular models.

Sure, there’s no denying the fact that Hey Dudes are lightweight, supportive, and comfortable, but are Hey Dudes shoes considered business casual footwear?

Are Hey Dude shoes business casual?

Hey Dude shoes are considered business casual. Their selection of sneakers and boots is ideal for adding a stylish touch to workwear without looking too corporate.

The incredible versatility of Hey Dude shoes, like Wally and Wendy, make them ideal for casual or smart-casual events. They also keep your feet cool in the warmer months.

In fact, Hey Dude USA has its own section of DRESS CASUAL products on its website. The products categorized under business casual include Brixton, Paul Cambray, and Kob Sox.

If you love a leisurely stroll while looking professional, then Hey Dude shoes are a great way to keep comfortable and still look smart – so there’s no compromise on style.

Can you wear Hey Dudes to work?

You can wear Hey Dude shoes to work at the office. As long as you work in a business casual environment, sneakers are more than appropriate. They add style to your corporate outfit.

There is wide latitude in what’s acceptable.

Dress shoes are footwear that falls into the extreme end of the business spectrum, while flip flops and sandals are footwear that falls into the extreme end of the casual spectrum.

Though sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed sneakers are too laid-back for business casual wardrobes, lightweight and breathable shoes like Hey Dudes aren’t entirely out of the question.

Hey Dude shoes and boots, like Wally and Wendy, fall somewhere in the middle. They provide comfort while adding the necessary touch of formal style to your outfit.

Business casual Hey Dude shoes to consider

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of footwear to complete your business casual attire, here are two Hey Dude shoes for both men and women that look great and feel great to consider:

1. Hey Dude Wally (men)

The Hey Dude Wally boasts the comfort of walking on clouds. It is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market and is the perfect footwear for business casual attire.

Three features that make the Wally amazing are the odor-reducing insoles, lightweight outsoles, and breathable cotton fabric that keeps your feet cool during the summertime.

Each shoe weighs 6 ounces or less, making it one of the lightest pairs of shoes around. It is made with an elastic material that allows the shoe to flex with the foot.

So, if you’re looking for supremely comfortable sneakers to wear with your business casual outfit, look no further. You can choose between 28 shoe colors on Amazon

2. Hey Dude Wendy (women)

The Hey Dude business casual option equivalent for women is the Wendy. Just like the Wally, these sneakers have odor-reducing insoles, lightweight outsoles, and breathable cotton fabric.

A friend of mine who is a woman loved the Wendy. She said that they’re not only extremely lightweight but these shoes also look effortlessly great with jeans and casual work attire. 

In fact, they’re so comfortable that my friend was able to wear them for two 12-hour days at a work conference and never had any foot discomfort. She wore them with no-show liner socks.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a business casual sneaker that is unique but keeps your feet comfortable at all times, look no further. You can browse all 31 colors on Amazon.

Ask your boss when you’re in doubt

Generally, athletic shoes and sneakers, loafers, leather boat shoes, and dress heels or flats are considered business casual footwear that is acceptable in most workplaces.

On the other hand, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, and open-toed shoes are footwear that is simply not acceptable in most workplaces. (Source)

If you are ever in doubt, it’s a good idea to ask your superior what is acceptable to wear at your workplace. Different offices have different ideas of what is considered “business casual”.

Although the business casual guidelines at your office are not strict, it’s important to appear professional and conservative at all times. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Key takeaways

Now you know whether Hey Dude shoes are business casual or not. Most of their products, from lightweight sneakers to comfortable boots are safe to wear for work at the office. 

For men, you can wear the Wally shoes. They combine comfort and smart casual aesthetics into one. For women, you can opt for the Wendy shoes. They are lightweight and breathable.

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