How to Wear Ankle Boots With Skirt (Visual Guide)

In short: You can wear ankle boots with different types of skirts. Dressier ankle boots work best with pencil skirts, whereas casual ankle boots pair better with knee-length skirts. 

Contrary to popular belief, ankle boots do not work only with jeans and leggings. They work with skirts too. In this article, you will learn how to wear ankle boots with skirts.

Can you wear ankle boots with skirts?

You can wear ankle boots with a skirt, as long as you show plenty of your legs (to make them appear longer). Mind the spacing between the bottom of your skirt and the top of your boots. 

Generally, the shorter the ankle boots, the longer the skirt you can wear. The opposite is also true. The higher your ankle boots, the shorter you can wear your hemline.

Shorter skirts work best with ankle boots. Mini skirts, for example, pair effortlessly well with ankle boots because they show plenty of your legs, making them appear longer.

The duo seems to work on a variety of body types and heights. Just keep in mind that the length of your skirt is everything when it comes to ankle boot styling, and you’re good to go. 

What skirts to wear with ankle boots

As a general rule of thumb, pair lighter-colored ankle boots with lighter-toned short skirts. The goal is to create fabulous pairings within the same color palettes that look great together.

Likewise, dark-colored ankle boots should be paired with black, denim, or neutral short skirts. The mysterious blend of colors is perfect for a night out or a smart casual event.

Most importantly, remember that the shorter the ankle boots, the longer you can wear your skirt. The goal is to make your legs appear as long and elongated as they can.

Here are some ideas on what skirts to wear with ankle boots:

1. Wear flat ankle boots with mini skirts

It’s a good idea to save your flat-ankle boots and Chelsea boots for mini skirts, no matter the color. The objective is to show as much of your legs as possible. 

Long skirts can look out of place with flat ankle boots, although the duo can work if the long skirt is a more relaxed style (not intended for smart casual or business casual).

As long as the color combination works, any pair of ankle boots pair well with a mini skirt. For example, black leather ankle boots with a white sweater and a Houndstooth print mini skirt.

2. Black ankle boots work best with dark-colored skirts

Black ankle boots often pair well with dark-colored skirts, especially skirts that fall above the knees. The combination of dark colors lends a familiar slimming appearance.

If you must wear a longer skirt that falls below the knees, try adding some opaque tights, preferably ones that match the dark, mysterious color of your boots.

On the other hand, you can also combine black ankle boots with light-colored skirts, as long as the skirt falls above the knees. Anything below the knees would make your legs look shorter.

3. Brown ankle boots are more versatile than black ones

In my opinion, brown ankle boots are much more versatile than black ankle boots. You can experiment with different colored skirts, especially lighter colors, with brown ankle boots.

Try pairing brown ankle boots with a white top and contrasting skirt color (white and brown, for example). The combination provides enough contrast without clashing the colors.

4. Replace office heels with ankle boots

Did you know that you can actually pair ankle boots with workwear? If you are tired of wearing pumps day in and day out, consider switching them with a pair of ankle boots.

In terms of workwear, dressier ankle boots pair extremely well with pencil skirts, whereas casual ankle boots (like Chelsea boots, for example) work in tandem with knee-length skirts.

Depending on the season and what you are planning to wear to the office, you can even add a blazer or an overcoat. You’ll combine the best of comfort and professionalism.

5. Nude-colored ankle boots with any colored skirt

Nude ankle booties are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe because they are super classic and pair well with many outfits. They pair with all types of different skirts of any length. 

You can mix and match nude or tan ankle boots with skirts of different colors, as long as you follow this rule: the shorter the ankle boots, the longer you can wear your skirt.

Whether you pair nude/tan ankle boots with a mini skirt or a long skirt, the natural skin color of the boots provides an appearance of a long and streamlined pair of legs.

Bottom line

Now you know how to pair ankle boots with skirts. The shape of your legs, the length of the skirt, and the height of your boots are different factors you should always consider.

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