How to Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans (Women)

In short: Skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, frayed jeans, and white jeans are excellent options to pair with ankle boots. Leave a bit of skin around the ankles to make your legs longer.

While ankle boots can be paired with dresses and skirts, they are best worn with jeans. In this article, you will learn how to wear ankle boots with different types of jeans.

Understanding the 3 types of ankle boots

Have you ever seen an outfit picture on Pinterest, but when you try to recreate it, the look does not work? There are two reasons why styling ankle boots with jeans is particularly tricky.

First, you probably are looking at a different style of ankle boots. Second, you probably are looking at a different style of jeans. You need to pair the right ankle boots with the right jeans.

So, to understand how to wear ankle boots with jeans, you must first understand the different types of ankle boots. There are three types of ankle boots: low, medium, and high.

1. Low-ankle boots

Low ankle boots hit right at or just below the ankle bones. Although low-ankle boots are a great option for leggings, rolled jeans, and even skirts, they are a bit uncommon.

2. Medium ankle boots

Medium ankle boots are probably what you first think of when you hear the term “ankle boots”. They hit about an inch above the ankle bones and are the most common style of ankle boots.

3. High ankle boots

High ankle boots hit a few inches above your ankle bones. This style of ankle boots is gaining traction lately, becoming more popular with women because of their modern aesthetics.

What jeans to wear with ankle boots

Wear skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, frayed jeans, or white jeans with ankle boots. If your booties are short, don’t tuck them in. If your booties are tall, you can tuck them into skinny jeans.

1. Skinny jeans with ankle boots

The easiest way to pair ankle boots with jeans is to go for skinny jeans.

A pair of cropped skinny jeans, for example, is an effortless way to pull off a fabulous look with ankle boots, especially when you show a bit of skin and the jeans fall right around the ankles.

When pairing skinny jeans with ankle boots, many women find it universally flattering to show off a small amount of leg skin (around 0.4 to 0.5 inches) between the jeans and the boots.

Pair skinny jeans that cut off right above the ankles. If you feel like your skinny jeans are too long, you have two options: take them to a tailor to have them shortened, or fold them up.

When folding your jeans, you can do 2 thin folds or 1 big fold. 

Folding your skinny jeans is a great way to reduce the length without shortening them permanently. This keeps your jeans versatile for moments when you need them long.

I don’t recommend pairing skinny jeans with high-ankle boots. You want to show a little bit of skin near the ankles to provide the illusion of longer, more elongated legs.

2. Straight-leg jeans with ankle boots

You can also think beyond the usual skinny jeans when you want to wear ankle boots. A pair of straight-leg jeans also pair well with ankle boots, especially when cuffed above the ankles.

A pair of straight-leg jeans aren’t quite skinny, yet they aren’t wide-leg either. They are jeans that have consistent leg width from top to bottom and are perfect to pair with ankle boots.

Most fashion-conscious women would agree, however, it is not a great look to tuck straight-leg jeans inside the ankle boots if the bottom of the jeans covers the ankle boots slightly. 

Straight jeans are not skinny jeans, so the fabric will look messy if you tuck them in. Instead, roll your straight jeans in two thin rolls, leaving a small amount of room that shows your ankles.

The other way you can fold straight-leg jeans is in one large cuff. This particular look also works well with a combination of wide-leg jeans and a pair of ankle boots. 

Alternatively, you can choose to fold your straight-leg jeans into thick double cuffs. It all depends on your jean length, the thickness of the jeans, and your personal preference.

Double cuffing your jeans is a great option for those living in colder climates because you can sneak in three pairs of socks and some thermals, all the while keeping your ankles warm.

3. Frayed jeans with ankle boots

I personally love the look of frayed jeans on ankle boots and I think you would too. This particular look is in trend at the moment, with a variety of frayed wide or straight jeans.

When pairing frayed jeans with ankle boots, you would want the frays to sit slightly on top of the ankle boots, showing a bit of the skin around your ankles to make your legs look longer.

Also, when pairing frayed jeans with ankle boots, choose a pair that are tight around the ankles. Otherwise, the bottom of the jeans will sit over the boots and look messy.

If your frayed jeans are too long, don’t cuff them. Pair them with a slimmer pair of ankle boots that hugs your ankle tighter. Doing so prevents your feet from looking blocky or chunky.

4. White jeans with ankle boots

Think outside the box and pair your white jeans with ankle boots. Yes, even after Labor Day. In fact, you can wear a pair of white jeans with any colored ankle boots.

Up top, you can pair your white jeans and ankle boots combo with a black shirt, for example. Or, go for a more neutral look by wearing beige ankle boots, white jeans, and a light denim jacket.

Tucking jeans when wearing ankle boots

When it comes to tucking your jeans while wearing ankle boots, there are two rules you should follow. These recommendations are based on what most fashion-conscious women prefer.

1. Only tuck skinny jeans into ankle boots

When wearing a pair of ankle boots, you should only tuck skinny jeans. The reason is to avoid excess fabric that can look messy. Skinny jeans can be tucked because they are streamlined.

Avoid tucking straight-leg jeans or wide-leg jeans into ankle boots. The fabric will look messy. Instead, roll two thin rolls at the end, leaving a small amount of room that shows your ankles.

2. Both the jeans and the boots should be the same color

Only tuck skinny jeans into ankle boots when they’re the same color. This can be easily achieved with black skinny jeans with black ankle boots, for example.

Wearing the same colored jeans with your ankle boots, without gaps at the ankles, can trick the eyes and lend the illusion of longer legs. This can be done with other pants and trousers too.

When people cannot see where your jeans end and where the boots start, your entire body will look elongated, and as a result, make you look more flattering. Here are some examples.

This woman is wearing black jeans, black ankle boots, as well as a black tee shirt, all of which emphasize length as the eye line is drawn from her neck all the way to her toes.

Do I tuck my skinny jeans into ankle boots?

You can tuck your skinny jeans into your ankle boots. It works best when the skinny jeans and the ankle boots are the same color because it makes your legs look streamlined and longer.

Should I roll up my jeans with ankle boots?

You should roll up your jeans when pairing them with ankle boots if they are too long. Roll up the hem of your jeans twice to reveal a thin strip of skin between your ankle boots and jeans.