11 Allen Iverson MOST ICONIC Outfits Ever

Allen Iverson is a great basketball player. But as great as “The Answer” was on the basketball court, his style off the court may have been his iconic contribution to the league.

Let’s explore some of Allen Iverson’s most iconic outfits.

Young Iverson

According to an interview with GQ, Allen Iverson said that his “GUESS shirt” outfit was probably one of his best outfits because of the circumstances at the time. 

Knowing that Sports Illustrated was coming to see him, Iverson knew he had to come with his best outfit. Or as the NBA legend said it himself – the cream of the crop.

The white GUESS tee shirt was accompanied by a Herringbone chain style.

Some older dudes from Allen Iverson’s neighborhood told him that if he scored 40 against the rival team, they would give him a Herringbone necklace.

During the game, Iverson only had 14 points going into a couple of minutes left in the third quarter so he knew he had a ways to go to get to the 40-point mark.

I looked over there at them and they had it in the box and lifted up and let me see it. And once I saw it, it was over. I just started going crazy. Ended up with like 40 something.”

Allen Iverson

Iverson admitted that he would kill to have that Herringbone neck chain during his younger days, but as he got older the jewelry didn’t mean too much to him anymore.

Draft Night Iverson (1996)

The 1996 NBA Draft is a moment that Allen Iverson will forever remember and cherish for the rest of his life. He had his first tailor-made suit and it made him feel good.

The story goes that Iverson knew that he would be drafted number one. Indeed, Allen Iverson was selected 1st overall by the Philadelphia 76ers and the rest is history.

Suit Iverson

Allen Iverson is a great basketball player. But as great as “The Answer” was on the floor though, his style off the court may have been his iconic contribution to the league.

In fact, Allen Iverson’s outfits were so controversial that the NBA ultimately forced the late Commissioner David Stern to issue a mandatory dress code in 2005.

After the dress code was issued, Allen Iverson wore a suit and put his own flavor on it. He said that the suit is something that he wouldn’t wear out of nowhere.

Hip-Hop Iverson

The “Hip-Hop Iverson” is one of Allen Iverson’s most iconic outfits. He was seen wearing an all-black attire, silver chains, a money bandana on the head, and a pair of Timberland boots.

Allen Iverson said that hip-hop had a big influence on his off-court style. After all, hip-hop and basketball go hand in hand, especially the parties, clubs, and nightlife culture.

Fur Coat Iverson

Allen Iverson is known for standing out from the crowd. Not everyone dares to mix camo jeans, an LA Lakers jersey, and a fur coat together, but Allen Iverson did it effortlessly.

The blue fur coat is also one of the most memorable fashion items The Answer has worn. He actually wore a blue fur coat during an All-Star weekend.

All-White Birthday Iverson

The all-white party in Atlantic City produces one of Allen Iverson’s most iconic outfits. He wore oversized all-white clothing to the 40-40 Club during his 31st birthday.

His roomy trousers were paired with an iced-out wristwatch and a timeless Boston brim, to match with the classic Nike Air Force 1s — making this one of his best ensembles to date.

Courtside Iverson

Whenever Iverson was courtside and not playing, he had to make sure he showed up in style. The headband and the bling is a must, and don’t forget the lollipop!

Red Carpet Iverson

Whenever Allen Iverson walks on the red carpet, he’s either wearing his baggy jeans and an oversized jersey or he’s wearing a clean blazer over baggy denim jeans.

Even post-retirement Iverson does things his way.

Baggy Iverson

Allen Iverson is known for his oversized clothing – I’m talking about Shaq-size clothing. In fact, he used to shop in “big and tall” stores and wipe them all out.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, we would often see Iverson sporting this inspired Y2K era look, especially with the supersized clothing that seem to big.

Kith Iverson

Allen Iverson sure looks dapper when he became the model for “Retro” Kith x Mitchell & Ness. The satin warm-up jacket gives off a sporty and vintage vibe that pairs well with The Answer.

Allen Iverson’s accessories

Part of Allen Iverson’s outfits is the accessories that he wears most of the time. Here are some of the accessories that “The Answer” is known for, on and off the court.

1. Wristbands and sleeves

When playing basketball, Allen Iverson is known for wearing sleeves. He started wearing a wristband because he was inspired by Michael Jordan, who wore a wristband on the left elbow.

Don’t forget the arm sleeve. Iverson started wearing the sleeve because he had swelling in his elbow. When his arm healed, he was already used to wearing it.

2. Jewelry

“If God blessed me to be 90-something, a 100-years old, I still have jewelry on.”

– Allen Iverson

The NBA legend is also a big fan of jewelry. He’s been infatuated with jewelry since he was five years old and it became a dream of his since little to own all the jewelry he could afford.

3. Timberland boots

Allen Iverson said he used to wear Timberland boots every day. In fact, Timbs are his favorite things to wear besides sneakers. We’ll never forget the Timbs with the gray sweats.

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