How to Lace Alexander McQueen Shoe Laces (2 Best Ways)

Learning how to lace Alexander McQueen shoes the right way can not only make them look neater, but it can also prevent creases as well.

This article teaches you the 2 best ways to lace Alexander McQueen sneakers.

How to lace Alexander McQueen laces

Below, we will show you the two best methods for lacing Alexander McQueen sneakers.

The loose lacing method is perfect if you prefer to wear the shoes untied. The double-lacing method secures your laces quickly and easily.

Make sure the lace is flat and untwisted before you start. Use both lace tips to lace up your shoes quickly.

Remember to keep the lace flat as you thread it through each eyelet.

Watch the video above to see how the lacing methods work. The guide below shows the shoes from a top-down perspective.

Method 1 – Loose lacing method

Point the shoe’s toe away from you and thread the lace into the top right eyelet from the outside.

Then, thread the other lace tip into the top left eyelet from the outside.

After lacing the top eyelets, continue with just one lace tip.

Take the left lace tip and thread it through the loop on the shoe’s tongue. Then, thread it through the bottom left eyelets from the outside.

You should now see two horizontal lines across the bottom eyelets.

Continue this process until you reach the top eyelets. When all eyelets are laced, the lace tips should lie flat beside the tongue.

This completes the loose lacing method.

Method 2 – Double lacing method

In the double lacing method, use both lace tips together. Pull both lace tips through so the lace tightens against the bottom left eyelets.

Ensure the lace is flat, then thread both tips through the bottom right eyelets from the outside. You should see the lace threaded through four eyelets on the right side.

There should be four horizontal lines across the first eight eyelets.

Continue this pattern until you have six eyelets filled on each side, forming six horizontal lines.

Finally, thread one lace tip through the next right-side eyelet from the inside out, and then thread the other lace tip through the corresponding left-side eyelet from the inside out.

Now, tie the laces in a bow to secure your Alexander McQueen shoes.

Frequently asked questions on Alexander McQueen laces

Because Alexander McQueen shoes are expensive, owners of the shoes have plenty of questions surrounding the laces. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 

1. Do Alexander McQueen shoes come with extra laces?

Each pair of Alexander McQueen sneakers includes an additional set of laces. To reduce environmental impact and cotton use, Alexander McQueen will no longer include a dust bag with each purchase.

2. How big are Alexander McQueen laces?

Laces for Alexander McQueen sneakers are 15mm wide. You can choose laces that are either 39 inches or 47 inches in length. The laces are fitted with plastic aglets to prevent fraying.

A closeup image of a pair of Alezander McQueen sneakers, highlighting the thick laces of the shoes.

3. Can you wash Alexander McQueen laces?

Do not machine wash Alexander McQueen laces; hand-washing is recommended. To hand-wash Alexander McQueen laces, dip them in a bowl of soapy water. Then let them air dry away from direct sunlight.

If you want to clean the whole shoe, our easy-to-follow guide is available here. The guide will show you how to clean your Alexander McQueen sneakers safely.

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