Best Adidas Shoes That Look Like Vans

Adidas is best known for soccer, running, and fashion-forward collaborations, but the brand makes plenty of skate-inspired canvas shoes under its Skateboarding sub-label.

These are some of the best Adidas shoes that look like Vans. Their skate shoes have been battle-tested by skateboarding professionals from the parks to the streets.

Adidas Bravada

My favorite shoe from Adidas that looks like Vans has got to be the Bravada.

Many skaters agree that the combination of canvas upper, vulcanized outsole, and cushioned sock liner make the Adidas Bravada shoe perfect for both kickflips and kicking back.

A durable canvas upper holds up to everyday wear, while the Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner is ultra-soft and plush. It has two layers of cushioning topped with soft, breathable mesh.

It’s basically a skate shoe that combines the durability of Old Skool Vans with the cushioned comfort of Adidas sneakers — perfect to step out for coffee or walk to the corner store.

Adidas Delpala

One shoe from Adidas that reminds me a lot of Vans Authentic is the Delpala.

Although many people would suggest the Adidas Delpala looks like Vans, it actually drew inspiration from classic 3-Stripes heritage, which is authentically Adidas, top to bottom.

The Adidas Delpala retails at $55, much lower than even the average price of canvas Adidas sneakers at $75. It’s basically an affordable skate shoe that offers the best bang for your buck.

However, the Delpala shoe is notorious for being tough. You’ll need some time to break into the shoe and it won’t feel comfortable from day one. Keep that in mind.

While it’s true that the Vans Authentic boasts an effortless “cool factor” and a universally liked design, the Adidas Delpala combines the best of Vans with the vintage style of the three stripes. 

Adidas Rallye

For the ultimate low-key comfort, slide your feet into a Court Rallye slip-on shoe.

Just like the slip-on Vans, the Adidas Rallye is a slip-on shoe fitted with a canvas upper for comfort, as well as a vulcanized rubber outsole for durability and traction.

First of all, this shoe is exactly what I’d expect from Adidas.

I bought the Rallye for running errands and just slipping on and off when I get in my house or someone else’s house without having to go through the hassle of untying and retying.

If you’re tired of the same old slip-on Vans, the Rallye is a great alternative from Adidas, although you might wanna go down half a size to keep your heels from popping out.

I’m usually a size 10 in all my shoes but I exchanged this particular shoe for a 9.5. The pinky toe on my left shoe hurts a little over time but nothing too bad. Maybe I just need to break it in.

Adidas Daily 3.0 Skate

A fresh take on a classic, the Daily 3.0 shoe is a skate shoe from Adidas that resembles the Old Skool Vans. It blends a heritage feel with modern materials and design.

If the Daily 2.0 shoe is covered in denim fabric, the Daily 3.0 is wrapped in breathable canvas. It’s also among the cheapest Adidas shoes, retailing for only $65.

While the Adidas Daily 3.0 looks similar to Vans, it has a wider fit, which is perfect for people with wider feet since each pair doesn’t squeeze the foot and toes as Vans do.

That said, I wouldn’t wear this shoe for hardcore skating. You could wear it for casual skating, but for days when you’re going to hit some serious kickflips, I’d go for the Busenitz.

Adidas Seeley XT

Out of all the Adidas shoes that look like Vans, the Seeley XT is one of the most durable. Although this shoe has a vulcanized construction, it’s surprisingly flexible right out of the box.

The upper is made of a single-piece suede toe box that will wear out evenly. This means that you don’t have to worry about blowing out any seams while skating.

The collar has a fair amount of padding, which feels comfortable around the ankles, although the tongue doesn’t have any sort of padding. It’s not a dealbreaker for me.

Similar to Vans skate shoes, the toe area of the Adidas Seeley shoe is fitted with doubled-up foxing tape with a little bit of texture for added durability and extra grip on your flip tricks.

Looking at the bottom, you’ll see the Herringbone tread and “little cups” on the pressure points of your foot for extra impact protection, which is a nice touch from Adidas.

The insoles on these shoes are glued down. You can remove them if you want to, but you’ll have to peel it up. It’s not something I recommend you do.

In terms of fit, the Adidas Seeley XT fits true to size. Not only does this Adidas shoe look like Vans, but it’s also a durable vulcanized skate shoe that provides an excellent board feel.

Adidas Skateboarding 3MC

For a minimal skate shoe, go for the 3MC. They feature a clean black-and-white colorway and a low-profile silhouette that looks great under slacks or slightly baggy chinos.

It’s a very affordable alternative to Vans since a pair will only set you back about $60 but it can be worn for so much more than just mere skateboarding.

With a cushioned collar around the ankle and a comfortable insole, the Adidas 3MC is designed to take a thrashing and survive to skate another day. In other words, it’s very durable.

The materials of this shoe are geared towards keeping your foot supported during activity, so if you tend to walk a lot these are a good option for you.

Overall, it offers great value for the price point.

Adidas Busenitz Vulc II

The Adidas Busenitz Vulc II is interesting, to say the least. It’s a skateboarding shoe in a soccer-inspired silhouette, fitted with additional cushioning and added durability.

To say that this Adidas shoe looks like Vans would be a disservice.

That’s because this shoe is the signature model of a pro skater that goes by the name of Dennis Busenitz. For you hardcore skaters out there, the name might sound familiar. 

The upper is made of durable suede with a Geofit padded collar, while the textile lining keeps the shoe very breathable. It’s also fitted with a stabilizing heel counter.

Like hardcore skate shoes, this shoe is equipped with a vulcanized rubber outsole for flexible wear and grippy performance, making the Busenitz shoe one of the most durable ever.

These shoes will take some time to break in, as the insoles are built to support the foot, so the heels are quite snug. However, once they are broken in, the comfort is on another level.

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