11 Adidas Shoes That Look Like Socks (Unique)

You’ll find plenty of Adidas shoes that are like socks from the Yeezy and Primeknit collections. Let’s run through some of the best Adidas sock-like sneakers in this article.

Adidas NMD City Sock

The Adidas NMD City Sock is basically a sock shoe.

Back in 2016, Adidas Originals released the NMD City Sock. As its name suggests, the sock-like sneaker is not only super light but looks so futuristic as far as sneakers go.

In fact, I think the NMD City Sock is the Adidas shoe that looks like socks the most. American international men’s magazine GQ went on as far as saying that it’s basically “a sock with a sole”.

The shoe consists of a sock-like upper, made of Adidas’s own Primeknit fabric, finished in the vein of Adidas’s supremely popular running styles like the Ultra Boost.

The new NMD style doesn’t beat around the bush, fitted with an upper without laces. And, come summertime, you can wear the sneaker sockless to keep both of your feet cool and breezy.

Adidas x Balenciaga Speed Sneakers

Balenciaga x Adidas Speed Sneakers look like socks.

The Adidas x Balenciaga Speed Trainer is arguably the most popular Adidas shoe that looks like socks. It was first released in November 2022 with a retail price of $995.

Although it isn’t actually an Adidas shoe, the Adidas team has teamed up with Balenciaga on a collection that features a co-branded Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

The laceless sneaker features a sock-like collar with 3 Stripes seen in white with co-branding of the Trefoil and Balenciaga branding in the Adidas font underneath.

The Balenciaga branding typically seen on the lateral side is removed with the white midsole and outsole finishing off the sneaker. I actually like this particular silhouette.

Adidas Swift Run X

There’s nothing crazy about the Adidas Swift Run X. It’s basically a sock-like sneaker from Adidas that is sporty yet affordable, which makes it an effortless addition to many outfits.

I think it’s one of the most versatile sneakers from Adidas. It only retails for $85, which seems like a bargain, considering that most Adidas shoes are somewhere near $200.

Although its cushioning isn’t anywhere near the NMDs, it softens the impact and is great to walk in. Because of the sock-like design, you can slip into the shoe without any fuss whatsoever.

Overall, it’s an inexpensive, lightweight, and plush sneaker for all-day wear.

Adidas Yeezy 450

The Adidas Yeezy 450 looks like socks.

Yes, it does look like socks but the Adidas Yeezy 450 also reminds me a lot of a tasty dumpling, especially if you examine the “Cloud White” colorway.

It’s funny to compare a sneaker with dim sum, but the Lyst Index’s quarterly ranking of products and brands reported that Yeezy 450 was the No.1 product for men in the year 2021.

The Yeezy 450 is the first Yeezy model to be Made in Germany. It’s made of a one-piece premium knit and sock-like construction that provides an adaptable fit with phenomenal comfort.

The silhouette has a claw-like rubber outsole that wraps up both the heel and side panels. Slipping in and out is a breeze thanks to the elastic cuff, although it tends to hug the foot tightly.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to come by the Yeezy 450 these days. If you want to get your hands on a pair, your best bet is to visit GOAT or StockX. It will cost you a couple of hundred bucks.

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT

The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT looks like socks.

Yet another Adidas shoe that looks like socks is the Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT. Many sneakerheads consider the shoe one of the comfiest that you can definitely wear on a daily basis.

With its slip-on sock-like feature, this is one of the easiest shoes to put on. It has an incredible sock-like feel and I love how the collar expands to accommodate my feet.

Underneath the sock-like upper is the thick Boost midsole that we all know and love from Adidas. It’s supremely plush and provides a cloud-like feel during each walking stride.

However, I do think this pair feels warmer than the V2s, mainly because of the extra padding found under the knit upper. I would wear these in colder months, not during the warm season.

Adidas NMD_R1 Primeknit

The NMD_R1 Primeknit is a stylish sock-like shoe from Adidas that complements the on-the-go lifestyle. It’s a sneaker that has a remarkable heel-to-forefoot transitioning.

You would think that the sock-like design would cause slippage, but the heel cup features a reinforcement piece, while the midsole features blocks to increase the overall stability.

The Primeknit upper is nice and stretchy to help ensure a good fit and ultra-breathability, while the outsole has a nice touch of “bounciness” to it so that each footstep feels natural.

It’s one of my favorite neutral trainers in my collection. I particularly like the OREO colorway as well as the black with the white midsole and red/blue pieces of the sides.

Adidas NMD_R2 Primeknit

The second edition of the Adidas NMD, the R2, is also an Adidas shoe that looks like socks. It comes with some minor changes, new colorways, and comes in two unique styles.

Similar to the R1, the R2 is fitted with a sock-like slip-on upper made of Primeknit fabric. Like its predecessor, the  R2 features ultra-comfy Boost cushioning and combines fashion and comfort.

It was a pleasure to walk around right in the beginning. From brisk walks to weight training, the NMD R2 held up, making it the right shoe for many physical activities.

However, I think the shoe runs small and isn’t the best for people with wide feet. It’s also not as breathable as it looks, and the middle part can be constricting and blister-inducing.

Adidas NMD_Racer Primeknit

The Adidas NMD_Racer Primeknit is highly inspired by the 80s running shoes. It fuses the recognizable NMD details and the stripped-back design of the Adidas NMD Racer.

Like all NMDs, the NMD Racer features a full-length Boost midsole. However, the Racer PK only has one EVA plug, placed in the heel, and it utilizes a textured Primeknit upper.

This model also receives the NMD’s trademark heel pull tab. I actually wear these sneakers a lot. In fact, it’s my favorite silhouette of the Adidas NMD sneakers.

Gosha x Adidas Ace 16+

The Gosha x Adidas Ace 16+ shoe looks like socks.

Not only does the Gosha x Adidas Ace 16+ shoe look like a sock, but it also reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga Speed Trainer without the expensive price tag.

It’s one of the special shoes that is part of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s latest teamwork with Adidas Originals. The shoe was inspired by the younger generation of football (soccer) fans.

An over-the-top ankle collar (made of Adidas Primeknit material) gives the shoe a sleek look and is paired with white midsoles and rubber gum outsoles.

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 basketball shoe looks like socks.

The year 2017 was when sock sneakers are becoming popular, and the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 was one of the few basketball sneakers that utilize a sock-like fit.

The sneaker was worn in games by the likes of Golden State Warrior Nick Young. It’s basically a sock on top of a rubber sole with a three-stripe design built into the upper.

In fact, the shoe doesn’t even have a structured lacing system. Instead, the laces weave through tiny knit loops and the need for laces on the Crazy Explosive is minimal at best.

The laces are there to lock the shoe in place rather than keep it on a person’s foot.

But thanks to the dense knit upper and clever cushioning around the heel and ankle, it stops the materials from stretching too much and keeps the foot dead center on the footbed.

In fact, it’s one of my favorite basketball shoes of all time.

Adidas Primeknit Soccer Shoes

Last but not least, I’d like to mention all of the soccer shoes inside the Adidas Primeknit collection. I’m not going to list every single one of them simply because there are too many.

That said, most Adidas soccer shoes employ the Primeknit technology, which is designed to give soccer players excellent touch, control, and striking power thanks to a sock-like fit.

Chief among them is the Freak Ultra and the Predator Accuracy football shoes. The cleats are gorgeous, lightweight, and super comfortable in my opinion.

If you do play soccer, I’ll let you know that I tried these cleats on artificial turf and I felt I had good control to run, stop, and accelerate without any problems.

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