Best Adidas Shoes That Look Like Converse

Adidas is best known for soccer, running, and fashion-forward collaborations, but the brand makes plenty of affordable canvas shoes that actually look like Chuck Taylor.

Here are some of the best Adidas shoes that look like Converse.

Adidas Nizza Low ADV

The Nizza Low ADV might be my favorite Adidas shoe that looks like Converse. I bought it based on some good reviews and the price tag at the time, and I have no regrets.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting the shoe to be as comfortable as it is, but the Nizze Low ADV definitely took me by surprise in the comfort department.

The Ortholite Sockliner makes each step a comfy one. Unlike Converse sneakers that need time to break into, this shoe is actually pleasant to wear from the beginning.

Similar to the Chuck Taylors, the canvas upper is sturdy and naturally breathable, but the design is undeniably Adidas, with a rubber toe cap and the iconic Three Stripes.

There’s also the high-top version of this shoe that shows off an exaggerated toe bumper and high sidewalls that add durability in all the right places. 

Adidas Adiease

During my search for Adidas shoes that look like Converse, I stumbled upon the Adiease. The shoe fits perfectly with room to wiggle around a little bit in the toe which is nice, not too narrow.

Although the shoe is comfortable and stylish, it’s not very durable.

After about 6 months, the shoe separated around the heel flex location and also completely separated at the ball of the foot. Granted, I wasn’t expecting it to last a lifetime for the price.

I primarily wear it for casual walking and for days at the office. I think this stems primarily from Adidas’ decision to glue the outsole to the fabric, NO sticking.

Adidas Nora

Another Adidas shoe that looks like Converse is the Adidas Nora.

This shoe is the signature shoe of Nora Vasconcellos. Her debut model for Adidas Skateboarding mixes her signature style with design cues from the tennis archives.

Although the silhouette slightly resembles the Converse Chuck Taylor, this particular shoe uses a combination of breathable mesh and leather upper instead of canvas.

I recommend getting a half size up from what you normally wear. My normal size was too tight on my toes and it was painful to walk. I sized a half size up and they fit so much better.

Adidas Puig Indoor

The newest signature shoe from Adidas Skateboarding and Lucas Puig is the Puig Indoor shoe. It has a premium suede upper with lace-saving technology and a molded tongue.

At first glance, the shoe reminds me of two shoes. The first one is the ultra-popular Adidas Samba and the second one is the Converse Chuck Taylor. It’s a hybrid between the two.

Adidas took the signature wavy lines of a cupsole classic and slims the silhouette down with a vulcanized construction and direct approach. The result is a sleek and simple shoe.

What’s unique about this shoe is that it’s actually a football-inspired model made for skateboarding, something that gives complete protection over the top of your feet. 

If you want something similar yet slightly different from Converse, I think the Adidas Puig Indoor is a great shoe. It’s stylish, and comfortable, and looks great with khakis, jeans, or shorts.

Adidas Matchbreak Super

The Matchbreak Super is a skateboard shoe with a low-top profile with a cushioned design. It has a few similarities with Converse, particularly the vulcanized construction.

However, unlike Converse sneakers, the upper of the Adidas Matchbreak Super is made of durable suede with canvas trim, instead of completely covered in canvas.

Does it look exactly like Chuck Taylor’s? Not exactly. But what you can expect is a more durable casual sneaker that you can wear around town and to work on casual days.

There are two available colors for this shoe. The first one is black with white midsoles and white laces, and the second one is white on white. Both have gold metallic branding near the heel.

I ordered the black with white stripes and it’s a really sharp-looking shoe. The gum-colored bottom is better than white, as the white gets really dirty looking after a few wears.

Adidas Daily 3.0 Skate

Although many people would think that the Adidas Daily 3.0 is a skate shoe that looks more like Vans, it also has some features that make it look like a pair of Chuck Taylors.

I actually like the red color, which is a vibrant red that lends a rich, organic tomato look in the best possible way. It’s even more vibrant because of the black accents of the shoe.

However, for those of you who would prefer a versatile sneaker, I’d recommend getting the black or white color because it’s neutral and you can wear it with any outfit.

The fit is slightly narrow, just like Converse. And although there was a bit of up-and-down movement at the heel, the fit is perfect if you wear a pair of thick socks.

Overall, it’s a great Adidas shoe that looks like Converse. The canvas is a thicker form of canvas, maybe two to three times thicker than the retro Converse high-tops.

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