Adidas Advantage vs. Superstar Sneakers Comparison

The Adidas brand has become a dominant player in sneaker culture because of its ability to stay true to the classics, as well as releasing fresh releases too. Two of them are the Adidas Advantage and Superstar. The former is new-school while the latter is old-school.

So, what’s the difference between Adidas Advantage vs. Superstar?

While both shoes look similar, the Adidas Superstar has serrated three-stripes on the sides while the Adidas Advantage has perforated three-stripes (made of tiny holes). The Superstar also has a shell toe in the front of the shoe.

That being said, there is more to this comparison than just the upper of both shoes.

In this post, let’s do a complete examination of both shoes and compare the Adidas Advantage vs. Superstar to figure out which white sneaker is the perfect pair for you.

Adidas Advantage vs. Superstar Comparison

Adidas Advantage (buy on Amazon)

  • Clodfoam Comfort sockliner
  • Perforated three stripes
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

Adidas Superstar (buy on Amazon)

  • Very well-cushioned and padded
  • Serrated three stripes
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

1. Sneaker Design

Adidas Advantage

The Adidas Advantage is a simple pair of white sneakers, inspired by the game of tennis. It looks similar to another popular Adidas sneaker, the Stan Smith (which we’ve compared to).

Looking at the shoe for some time, there was nothing fancy that jumped out at me. The shoe gives out a clean and simple aesthetics, which is probably why many people love it.

On both sides of the shoe, you will notice that the iconic three stripes are missing.

They are, however, replaced with perforated lines (made up of tiny holes) which make the shoe look cleaner, yet still, embody the Adidas brand in a very low-key way.

The entire shoe is dominated by white colors, except for the tongue and the heel, where you will find the “Adidas” text logo in both places. The laces on the Advantage are also very simple, which goes along well with the white color theme of the shoes.

Overall, the Adidas Advantage is the standard white sneaker that will go along well with any outfit. It goes well with jeans, joggers, and even relaxed shorts.

Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar is a popular and classic pair from the German brand. But while the Advantage is inspired by tennis, the Superstar is inspired by basketball.

Originally released as an entry-level basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar remains popular for over half a century. In fact, it has been released in multiple designs and collaborations.

The overall build of the shoe is quite similar to the Advantage, but what makes the Superstar unique is the rubber shell toe at the front. Both sides of the shoe also have the iconic three stripes with serrated edges, synonymous with the Adidas brand.

Compared to the Advantage, the Superstar is slightly bulkier and heftier, partly because the shoe is made with heavier materials. The Superstar also has thicker laces than the Advantage, which seamlessly fit the overall design of the shoe.

On the tongue of the shoe, you will find the Adidas trefoil logo instead of regular text. The heel of the shoe is pretty similar to the Advantage, so there’s nothing to report there.

Overall, the Superstar is yet another great shoe from Adidas that goes well with any outfit.

Verdict on Sneaker Design

I like the design of the Adidas Superstar more than the Advantage. While both shoes are excellent white sneakers, the bolder lines and heftier build of the Superstar provide a more premium look than the Advantage, which may come across as more budget-friendly. 

2. Comfort and Materials

Adidas Advantage

Similar to most casual sneakers, the Adidas Advantage features a leather upper and rubber sole. The upper is well-built and should stand the test of time.

But what makes the Advantage amazing is the Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner.

It is an EVA heel pad in the midsole, built with super soft cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable all day long. In fact, I wear the Advantage whenever I feel like having a casual and relaxed day.

The upper of the shoe is pretty solid, although it’s thinner than the Superstar.

Personally, I like to wear casual sneakers with untied laces, so I can slip into them easily. But because the Advantage upper is thin, it does not secure my feet well when the laces are untied.

As long as you tie the laces, the Advantage is comfy and should secure your feet well.

Adidas Superstar

Just like the Advantage, the Adidas Superstar has a full-grain leather upper. However, I feel like the upper of the Superstar is more solid, which provides better durability and support.

Like I’ve said before, I like to slip into my sneakers without tying the laces.

With the Superstar, I feel that it’s very comfortable when I do so because the upper has more structural integrity than the Advantage. As a result, my feet feel more secure.

The Superstar also has better cushioning than the Advantage in my opinion, with slightly better arch support. I can feel like it’s thicker and adds more height because the soles are more padded and cushioned. In fact, the Superstar adds almost an inch to my height. 

PRO TIP: While the Adidas Superstar has the appearance of having thick soles, they don’t add as much height compared to other Adidas shoes. If you are curious which Adidas shoes add the most height, you can check out our ranking of the tallest Adidas shoes right here.

Verdict on Comfort and Materials

The Adidas Superstar is more comfortable than the Advantage. It’s more cushioned and well-padded in my opinion. The full-grain leather is also thicker, which provides better foot security whenever I walk in the shoes, especially when the laces are untied.

3. Value for Price

Adidas Advantage

There’s no denying that the Advantage provides tremendous value for its considerably low price.

For just about $65, you’re getting a reliable pair of white sneakers for your day-to-day wear. After all, we’re talking about Adidas, which is a brand known for quality.

Notice how the upper of the Advantage is thinner compared to the Superstar.

But I feel like the quality of the Advantage is not up to par with the Superstar.

It’s great for casual and relaxed outfits, but I feel like that the shoe will not survive the long haul, given the thinner leather upper. The picture of my Advantage above is inside a year, which looks okay, but is nothing compared to the durability of the Superstar (read below).

Adidas Superstar

Priced at just about $85, I wonder how an amazing pair of casual sneakers is available for such a reasonable price. After touching the shoe for the first time, it’s apparent that Adidas uses fine-quality full-grain leather to create the upper of the Superstar.

The classic shell toe and sole are made with a combination of rubber and leather, which provides incredible durability. In fact, I’ve had my Superstar for more than 5 years now, and it still looks good. Sure, the shell toe and sole are yellow, but they are still in good shape.

After more than 5 years, my Superstar still holds its shape, even though the soles are yellowed.

It may not look as pretty as when it’s new, but you can see how the Adidas Superstar is capable of surviving the long haul. So if you don’t mind wearing yellowed sneakers, then the Superstar is for you because it will last a long time — great value for its price.

Fortunately, these are tricks to unyellow the shell toes. The shoes get comfortable over time too, especially after you’ve broken into the shoe.

Verdict on Value for Price

I think that the Superstar provides better value than the Advantage. The most impressive part of the Superstar is, without a doubt, the durability. My pair of Superstar lasted for over 5 years with regular wear (although the shell toe and soles are yellow already).

While some shoes experience wear and tear quickly, the Superstar, thanks to its fine-quality grain leather, is able to last longer than most should. The Advantage is great for the price, but for an extra $20, you’re getting a more durable pair of sneakers in the Superstar.

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Final Verdict

WINNER: Adidas Superstar

Adidas Advantage (buy on Amazon)

  • Clodfoam Comfort sockline
  • Perforated three stripes
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

Adidas Superstar (buy on Amazon)

  • Very well-cushioned and padded
  • Serrated three stripes
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

While the Advantage is a great white sneaker, the Adidas Superstar is much more superior in every way. I think that the extra $20 you’re paying for the Superstar is well-justified because of the classic shell toe, better quality leather, and most importantly, extra durability.

And there you go, the Adidas Advantage vs. Superstar comparison.

I had an amazing time reviewing both shoes, as they are two sneakers I wear often in my rotation. The Adidas Superstar beats the Adidas Advantage across the board, in all three categories. Indeed, there’s a reason why the Adidas Superstar has been so popular.

Reviewed by: Jason T.