Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith Sneakers Comparison

Everyone needs a pair of white sneakers, and the best place to start looking for one is Adidas.

In fact, Adidas has two popular white sneakers that you need to consider: the Advantage and the Stan Smith. Both are similar until people compare the two often.

So, what’s the difference between Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith?

The biggest difference between Adidas Advantage and Stan Smith is the design of the tongue. While both shoes look similar, the Stan Smith features a portrait of the prominent tennis player, Stanley Roger Smith, on the tongue of the shoe.

Additionally, the Adidas Advantage has Cloudfoam Comfort sock liners while the Stan Smith has regular molded sock liners. In this post, let’s do a deep dive into both shoes and compare the Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith to figure out which one is perfect for you.

Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith Comparison

Adidas Advantage (buy on Amazon)

  • “adidas” text logo on the tongue
  • Cloudfoam Comfort sockliner
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

Adidas Stan Smith (buy on Amazon)

  • Stan Smith portrait on the tongue
  • Regular molded sockliner
  • Recycled and eco-friendly materials

At first glance, you can see how similar Adidas Stan Smith is to the Advantage, which is why many casual sportswear fans often compare the two. While they look alike, there are plenty of subtle differences. Here’s the Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith comparison:

1. Sneaker Design

Adidas Advantage

The Adidas Advantage is a tennis-inspired casual shoe that carries a clean, minimalistic design.

Absent from the shoe are the iconic three stripes, which are replaced with plenty of tiny holes. There are 3 rows of tiny holes which create one stripe, so there are 9 rows.

On the tongue of the shoe is a simple “Adidas” text logo. The same logo can also be found on the heels of the shoe. In my opinion, the white and green colorway is the most popular because it gives the perfect blend of contrast between the simple white and the bold green.

I like how the Adidas Advantage is so simple because it can match most outfits.

It is the ultimate pair of daily footwear, simply because it is clean and minimalistic. Casual white sneakers are important for a person’s wardrobe and the Advantage fits the bill.

Adidas Stan Smith

Can you see how similar Stan Smith is to the Advantage?

Stan Smith is all about “less is more” because the design of the shoe is very simple.

In fact, one of the main characteristics of the Stan Smith is the absence of the traditional three stripes on the sides. Instead, there are tiny holes that line up to form three simple lines.

It’s strange for me to see the three stripes absent from one of the most popular Adidas shoes, but I think that’s what makes it appealing to many people. The shoe design provides a casual vibe instead of an athletic one, which many casual sportswear fans adore.

While the shoe is simple, there is a striking portrait of Stan Smith in the tongue, which in my opinion, is what makes the Adidas Stan Smith very likable. In fact, the portrait has been around since the early 1980s, which proves that the tongue portrait highlights the shoe.

The Stan Smith portrait is found on the tongue.

In the heel area, you will find the iconic Adidas trefoil logo.

The original Stan Smith sneaker is made with a smooth full-grain leather upper, but over the years, Adidas has released different variations made with suede, nubuck, canvas uppers. 

Verdict on Sneaker Design

While both sneakers look eerily similar, I like the Adidas Stan Smith better because of the Stan Smith portrait on the tongue. For over 50 years and counting, Adidas Stan Smith has continued to become an icon, synonymous with everyday versatility and timeless appeal.

2. Comfort and Materials

Adidas Advantage

Adidas Advantage on feet.

The Adidas Advantage shoe is made with a white leather upper and rubber sole.

It has all the makings of a tennis-inspired casual shoe from Adidas, so there’s nothing significant about the materials to talk about. It’s pretty much the standard, tennis-casual sneaker.

However, one highlight of the Advantage is the Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner, which in my opinion, is more cushioned than the Adidas Stan Smith. It provides better cushioning which allows my feet to relax into the shoes compared to the slightly stiffer Stan Smith.

Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith on feet.

The Stan Smith was the first tennis shoe made by Adidas in 1963, which features an upper made of white leather and a sole made of rubber. The inner sole is made of synthetic material.

However, as part of Adidas’ commitment to end plastic waste and promote climate change, the iconic Stan Smith got a sustainable makeover. As of 2021, the classic Stan Smith is now available in recycled and eco-friendly materials.

As far as comfort goes, the Stan Smith is made of vulcanized tonal rubber and a molded sock liner designed for all-day comfort. However, I’ve found that the shoe’s support is minimal and relatively thin, just like shoes you would expect from the 1970s.

Compared to other Adidas sneakers with more cushioning, like the Ultraboost, the Stan Smith feels stiff for me. I personally like to wear my casual sneakers without tying the laces, but the Stan Smith does not have a sock-like profile so it slips out of my feet often.

I have to tie the shoes daily, which is a slight inconvenience for me. Overall, the Stan Smith is okay but not as well-cushioned and comfortable like other padded sneakers.

Verdict on Comfort and Materials

While the Adidas Stan Smith is made with eco-friendly and recycled materials, the Advantage is much more comfortable because of its Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner. It’s more cushioned and easier on your feet than the Stan Smith, which is slightly stiffer.

3. Value for Price

Adidas Advantage

I’m not sure whether or not the Adidas Advantage is designed as a budget sneaker, but the price does reflect that. For a solid price of $65 on the official Adidas website, the sneaker is definitely one of the more affordable options available, especially for its quality.

Everyone needs a white sneaker in their collection, so if you need one right now, the Adidas Advantage is undoubtedly a great choice. The price doesn’t break the bank, so you can wear it every day without guilt or worry since you didn’t pay much money for it.

Overall, the Adidas Advantage provides great value.

PRO TIP: In terms of value, there’s no denying the excellence of the Advantage. In fact, we’ve compared the Advantage to another popular sneaker, the Superstar. If you’re considering a white sneaker to add to your collection, why not read the Advantage vs. Superstar comparison too?

Adidas Stan Smith

For a sneaker so iconic, it’s very delightful to see that the Adidas Stan Smith is not ridiculously priced (like YEEZYs). In fact, it’s sold at a price of $85 on the official Adidas website, although you may find a better price on Amazon. Nevertheless, it’s not pricey at all.

However, compared to the Advantage, the Adidas Stan Smith is slightly more expensive, $20 more expensive to be exact. Whether the extra $20 price is worth it or not depends on you because both shoes look very similar and serve the same purpose.

Just like the Advantage, the Adidas Stan Smith offers amazing value.

Verdict on Value

Both shoes are amazing value options, although one is slightly more expensive than the other. However, I think that the Stan Smith logo on the tongue is worth the extra $20, so I prefer Stan Smith over the Advantage. I’m going to let you decide for yourself this time.

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Final Verdict

WINNER: Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Advantage (buy on Amazon)

  • “adidas” text logo on the tongue
  • Cloudfoam Comfort sockliner
  • Leather upper and rubber sole

Adidas Stan Smith (buy on Amazon)

  • Stan Smith portrait on the tongue
  • Regular molded sockliner
  • Recycled and eco-friendly materials

While both shoes look similar, the eco-friendly materials and the iconic portrait on the tongue make the Adidas Stan Smith much more appealing than the Advantage. If you need a white sneaker to complete your outfit, you can never go wrong with the Stan Smith.

And there you have it, the Adidas Advantage vs. Stan Smith comparison.

While the Advantage provides better cushioning, thanks to the Cloudfoam Comfort sock liner, I think the extra $20 you’re paying for the Adidas Stan Smith is well-justified because of the iconic portrait on the tongue. You’re also getting a shoe with eco-friendly materials too.

Reviewed by: Jason T.